On Nicole Kidman's fabulous coats in HBO's 'The Undoing'

October 28, 2020 at 17:59

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Coats are a big deal in New York, more so than in many other places in the country.
HBO’s new miniseries The Undoing takes place during a New York fall in all its crispy, greyish autumnal glory, and Nicole Kidman’s character Grace Fraser is a millionaire therapist with enough spectacular coats to stage her own Lincoln Center Fall/Winter fashion show every day of her life.
Grace is a character squarely in Nicole Kidman’s HBO miniseries niche: a rich white lady whose husband is up to some bullshit.
Look at how the burgundy of the jacket makes the highlights on her voluptuous ginger wig pop.
Ok, one more GIF, because the coat’s slightly lighter red satin lining looks like it slips off her shoulders like a dolphin enjoying a water slide.
This coat is so beautiful that someone could catch a glimpse of Nicole Kidman wearing it and take a few extra seconds to realize it was her wearing it — the look is just that strong.
Later in the first episode of The Undoing, Grace and her husband Jonathan (Hugh Grant, wow) attend a fundraiser for their son’s private school with the dress code "fancy glam."
In the words of Tony Stampley: "I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away. "
Image: hboThis year is a sad one for the New York coat.
Watching Nicole Kidman drop jaws in that velvet duster is the closest thing many of us will get to admiring fall street fashion, so thanks, The Undoing, for giving coatspotters something nice to look at these days.
You might be a tense thriller about 5th Avenue oligarchs and homicide, but the coats are killer, too.