How to host virtual Thanksgiving

November 21, 2020 at 13:00

This means many of us are pivoting to a virtual Thanksgiving (yes, even Dr. Fauci).
Worried about planning and hosting a virtual Thanksgiving?
How to use Zoom for a virtual ThanksgivingZoom is everyone’s favorite new video chat interface, and you can use it to host this Thanksgiving pretty seamlessly.
Image: screenshot/zoomMake sure you also adjust some of the automatic settings, like whether the host’s and guests’ video and sound are automatically on.
It has a similar setup procedure and doesn’t currently have a time limit on meetings, but the easiest way to schedule your virtual event is through Google Calendar.
Don't make the virtual Thanksgiving event too long.
Virtual Thanksgiving activity ideasOK, so you’ve got it all set up and ready to go…but what does one actually do at a virtual Thanksgiving?
Cook a meal togetherTypically, cooking Thanksgiving dinner is largely one family’s (or person’s, if we’re being honest,) responsibility.
or other online gamesIf your family is into trivia nights, tap into the platforms that will let you host one Thanksgiving-style.
Reach out to your local community and your favorite charities and check if they have specific virtual volunteer opportunities.
Some currently available opportunities include a virtual 5K benefitting a Tennessee homeless shelter and the Red Cross Virtual Volunteer Fair.
Other tech tips for a successful virtual ThanksgivingMost of us haven’t hosted a virtual Thanksgiving before, so be sure to give yourself some grace for technological mishaps along the way.