'He's gone full Hodor': Seth Meyers roasts Trump for whining about COVID still being a thing

October 29, 2020 at 06:35

"Trump is once again trying to warp reality," said Seth Meyers in Wednesday night's A Closer Look segment.
"Thirty-seven states are seeing spikes in coronavirus cases, which are up 39 percent across the country.
But the president has been insisting that despite what you can see with your own eyes, everything is fine.
And he's been whining that the media won't stop talking about the deadly virus killing hundreds of Americans every day."
The Late Night team put together a supercut of Trump at several recent rallies, repeating his one-word summary of the current news cycle: literally just saying "COVID, COVID, COVID."
"Sounds like he's looking at a White House staff photo," the host joked, going into rapid-fire roast mode.
"'COVID, COVID, COVID, jail, COVID, COVID, fired, COVID, son-in-law, COVID.'
He's jealous of a virus!
He sounds like he's complaining to his agent about an actor who got a part he wanted... Trump is so mad he's gone full Hodor.
He sounds like a character from the COVID expansion pack for The Sims."
"Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote one of the sloppiest, most incoherent opinions in recent memory, repeating the Trump claim that ballots counted after election day are somehow 'suspicious,'" Meyers noted.
"If there are more ballots to count, then that means there are no results to flip!