Explosion injures 3 in Harrisonburg, Virginia

October 17, 2020 at 16:20

(CNN) At least three people were hurt in an explosion Saturday morning near downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia, a city spokesman says.
Officials received a call about a blast and fire at a two-story commercial building, Director of Communications Michael Parks said.
Parks told CNN that officials are working to contain a three-alarm fire that spread to at least two other commercial buildings.
An aerial view after the blast shows fire crews at work.
Josh Edmonds shot this video from a half-mile away.
Harrisonburg VA fire and explosion appear to be contained now.
Ugly scene, explosion heard and felt miles away pic.twitter.com/vs3r6BxHaH — Josh Edmonds (@joshdedmonds) October 17, 2020"The entire building shook and some of my coworkers were jolted in their cars when the explosion happened," Edmonds told CNN over Twitter.