Brazilian senator allegedly found with cash in his underwear during police raid

October 16, 2020 at 20:12

(CNN) A Brazilian senator was allegedly caught with huge amounts of cash hidden in his underwear during a Federal Police raid on Wednesday, a court order says -- part of a wider ongoing probe into the possible misuse of funds for the Covid-19 pandemic response.
Senator Chico Rodrigues, who represents the state of Roraima in the Federal Senate, confirmed that the raid took place in his home in Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima.
He has denied any wrongdoing.
According to a Supreme Court order citing the police investigation, police video allegedly showed Rodrigues with about 15,000 reais (about $2,700) stuffed into his briefs during their search of his home.
More money was found by authorities when the senator allegedly "put his hand inside his underwear and took other bundles of money totaling 17,900 reais" the order says, for a total cache worth more than $5,800.
The judge did not authorize the release of the videos.
The court order, issued on Thursday, suspends Rodrigues for 90 days to ensure compliance with the ongoing investigation.