Zocdoc founder returns with Shadow, an app that finds lost dogs

January 13, 2021 at 21:34

A new mobile app, Shadow, aims to tackle this problem by leveraging a combination of a volunteer network and A.I.
technology to help dog owners, in particular.
technology to match the photograph of the missing dogs to possible matches from nearby shelters or the web.
Dog owners can even advertise a reward in the app to encourage people to help search.
And it’s partnered with the ASPCA, Animal Care Centers of New York and L.A., the Dallas shelter system, and others.
While Shadow is free to use, it makes money through a virtual tipping mechanism when it makes a successful match and the dog is found.
Here, Shadow provides the visual assets and manages the ad-buying process and placement process on owners’ behalf.
As Shadow began its work in 2018, it was local to the New York area.
Today, it’s nearing 10,000 dogs reunited with owners.
Massoumi says he was inspired to found Shadow after a friend lost his own dog, the namesake Shadow.
More broadly, he wants to see technology being put to good use to solve problems that people actually care about.
“I think there needs to be more technology that injects the humanity back in what everyone does.