Lifeguards are in high demand as summer approaches

May 04, 2021 at 02:02

As the weather warms up and COVID-19 restrictions ease, swimming pools across the country are re-opening but finding enough lifeguards to help protect swimmers is turning out to be difficult.
Demand is now higher than ever, but the pool of applicants just isn’t there.
This summer she'll be working for the Life Time, fitness chain which has more than 150 locations in 41 North American cities.
Across the country, thousands of lifeguards were furloughed due to the pandemic.
Pools nationwide are trying to stay afloat with the staff they currently have as new applicants aren’t exactly diving in.
The association (ALA) helps train and certify new lifeguards across the country.
First, lifeguard training and certification programs are backlogged because COVID-19 canceled classes.
The majority of lifeguards are high school through college-aged.
However, Werneth also admits that interest in lifeguarding is declining which makes it difficult to facilitate 309,000 pools across the country.
Life Time is one of the largest employers of aquatic professionals with approximately 3,000-4,000 lifeguards nationwide at 110 of its health clubs.
Typically the chain will have more than 10 million visits to their pools each summer.
Most pools, including Life Time, will provide the training if you are hired.