Sam Neill assures fans he's ‘alive and well’ and in remission after his cancer news

March 18, 2023 at 21:14

Sam Neill reassured fans Saturday he is "alive and well" and in remission after he revealed in an interview with the BBC Friday he had been undergoing cancer treatment since being diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma a year ago.
"My news seems to be all over the news at the moment, and it’s sort of ‘Cancer!
Cancer!’ Which is slightly tiresome because, as you see, I am alive and well.
"And I’m alive and kicking, and I’m going to work," the actor, who wore a white T-shirt and a full beard, added.
In his BBC interview, the 75-year-old revealed he lost his hair during his treatment and wanted his beard back "more than anything."
‘JURASSIC PARK’S' LAURA DERN, SAM NEILL REFLECT ON 20-YEAR-AGE GAP ROMANCE"I just wish the headline wasn’t ‘that thing’ so much," Neill said, referring to cancer, "because the main thing is that I have written this book.
It’s called ‘Did I Ever Tell You This?’ And it does mention cancer because that’s the sort of context in which I wrote it.
I never thought that I would have a career as an actor, let alone an actor on screen.
"I am full of gratitude looking back on this life, and that’s what the book is about.
In his BBC interview, Neill had referred to the cancer as "ferocious" and said at the time he was diagnosed he thought he might be "dying."
He also reassured that while his book discusses his cancer, that's not what the book's about because he "can’t stand cancer books."
Advances in diagnosis and treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma have helped improve the prognosis for people with this disease."