Madison Brooks death: Bonds set for suspects in LSU student rape

January 25, 2023 at 02:09

Suspects in the rape of Madison Brooks, a Louisiana State University student, appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon where their bonds were set.
Brooks, 19, died after being hit by a car during the early morning hours of Jan. 15 in the East Baton Rouge Parish.
Investigators say that Casen Carver and the other male suspects went to Reggie's bar and consumed alcohol.
Lee sat in the front passenger seat while Carver drove the car, Carver told police.
Carver also told police that the 17-year-old and Washington asked Brooks multiple times "if she wanted to have sex," an affidavit said.
MADISON BROOKS CASE PUSHES LSU PRESIDENT TO SLAM BATON ROUGE BAR AFTER ALLEGED RAPE, STUDENT DEATHAttorney Ronald Haley, representing two of the suspects, said that video shows Brooks leaving the car after an argument with the driver.
LSU STUDENT MADISON BROOKS CASE: FOUR PEOPLE CHARGED IN ALLEGED RAPE BEFORE SHE DIED AFTER BEING HIT BY CARDeondre Washington, who is charged with third-degree rape had his bond set by 19th Judicial District Judge Brad Myers.
Everett Lee, 28, who was charged with principle to third-degree rape, was given a $75,000 bond by Myers and was given the same bond terms as Washington.
Carver was also charged with principle to third-degree rape and Myers set his bond at $50,000 with the same terms as Washington and Lee.
Third-degree rape in Louisiana involves sexual intercourse that "is deemed to be without the lawful consent of a victim."
None of the four suspects are students at LSU, according to a university spokesperson.
Haley said that video shows Brooks "willfully got into the car," according to FOX 8.