Hunter Biden lawsuit against IRS a 'frivolous smear' to discourage more whistleblowers, attorney says

September 18, 2023 at 22:30

An attorney for one of the Internal Revenue Service whistleblowers who cried foul on the Justice Department's handling of Hunter Biden's influence peddling and tax investigation called the first son's new lawsuit against the agency a "frivolous smear."
Hunter Biden's attorneys alleged Monday that IRS agents have targeted their client and "sought to embarrass" him.
They demand $1,000 in damages for each "unauthorized disclosure" of the first son's tax returns.
"This lawsuit is just a frivolous smear to try to block the whistleblowers or any potential whistleblowers from coming forward.
The whistleblowers followed the [whistleblower] statute," he said Monday on "The Story."
IRS WHISTLEBLOWER'S ATTORNEY CALLS ON DELAWARE PROSECUTOR TO SPEAK OUT ON PROSECUTIONLytle cited how Shapley's testimony and that of fellow agent Joseph Ziegler essentially led to Hunter Biden's "sweetheart" plea deal being exposed.
In response to these developments, Lytle claimed, Hunter Biden and his team are deciding to "com[e] after the whistleblowers."
Anchor Martha MacCallum noted, however, that the suit is not against Shapley and Ziegler, but the agency itself.
Former Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi – whose dissemination of information pertaining to the Hunter Biden laptop saga and alleged federal interference therein created shockwave last year – called the lawsuit itself ironic in a separate interview on "The Story."
CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP"We didn't learn for a very long time through these whistleblowers that there was this whole galaxy of shell companies that Hunter Biden was tied to."
Taibbi said it is difficult to understand how Hunter Biden could claim the tax information revealed by the investigators is a violation of personal privacy when the data is relevant to a major legal probe.
Hunter Biden," he added.