Charges dropped against US-trained Afghan soldier detained while crossing border after escaping Taliban

January 25, 2023 at 02:05

Federal charges against an Afghan soldier who traveled to the United States seeking asylum after the 2021 fall of Kabul were dropped this week "in the interest of justice," according to a report.
Wasi was trained by the U.S. military to be an elite special forces commando in Afghanistan and after Kabul fell, he continued to fight the Taliban alongside the Northern resistance.
Fearing retaliation, Wasi went into hiding, hoping to eventually receive a special immigrant visa to legally move to the United States and reunite with his brother in Houston.
With the criminal case against him dismissed, Wasi will now be permitted to reapply for asylum, The Texas Tribune reported.
Wasi immigration lawyer, Jennifer Cervantes told Fox News Digital late Tuesday that she is working to secure Wasi's release, so he can proceed with his asylum case.
"I’m very happy to see the federal charges were dropped against Wasi and the government did the right thing," Cervantes said in a statement.
Wasi came to the United States, Cervantes said, to escape near certain death in Afghanistan.
"What he got was detained by Customs and Border Patrol," she said earlier this month.
In an earlier phone interview with Fox News, Wasi, from Eden Detention Center in Texas, said he's disappointed with the treatment he received upon crossing the border.
I wanted to come to the United States.
I cross all that distance to come to United States because I was thinking and hoping the American government that they will help me."
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWasi remained incarcerated as of Tuesday evening.