Trump bears some responsibility for Capitol riot, ex-DHS acting Secretary Chad Wolf says

January 13, 2021 at 20:38

(CNN) Chad Wolf, who resigned as Homeland Security acting secretary two days ago, said Wednesday that President Donald Trump bears some responsibility for the events at the US Capitol last week.
"He's the President.
What he says matters," Wolf said in an interview with CNN.
"People listen to him -- particularly supporters of his, I would say, really listen to him -- so there is responsibility there."
However, it is for Congress to determine if it was an impeachable offense, Wolf said.
He told CNN there is also personal responsibility for the rioters who entered the Capitol.
Wolf stepped down as acting secretary on Monday after a government watchdog and federal judges cast doubt on his legitimacy to lead the department, including in a court ruling last Friday blocking Trump administration asylum limits.
He served in an acting capacity for 14 months in the top role, a position that now will be filled by Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Pete Gaynor for the remaining days of the Trump administration.
The day after the attack on the Capitol, Wolf urged Trump and all other elected officials to condemn the violence in a sharply worded statement, while vowing to stay in his position until President-elect Joe Biden takes office.