The green energy revolution is coming -- with or without help from Washington

June 10, 2021 at 20:30

(CNN) The American clean energy industry is primed for a boom.
As part of the package put forward in his American Jobs Plan, Biden called on Congress to dedicate $100 billion to beefing up the country's electric power grid.
The administration believes it can supercharge the process by offering tax credits to prospective builders, making clean energy projects even more appealing to private industry.
Meyer supports the construction of the SOO Green line, which will run under parts of his land.
But his message to Washington, when it comes to the Biden administration's climate and infrastructure agenda, is one of caution.
SOO Green is paying him to bury transmission lines along a rail line on is property that will bring renewable energy to Chicago.
Agreeing to permit construction of a piece of the SOO Green line, Meyer added, offered that kind of choice -- and allowed him to overcome the skepticism he still harbors about Biden's proposal.
The SOO Green transmission line was in the works before the President took office and Democrats took control of the Senate this year, and its construction timeline could outlast the current administration.
But he echoed Biden's message on the intersection of clean energy and the economy.
Iowa State Representative Bobby Kaufmann, a conservative Republican and also a farmer, supports the SOO Green project because the transmission lines will be buried underground.
But like with so much else in American politics now, the challenges facing proponents of bold new clean infrastructure legislation are as much about complicated realities as head-spinning distortions.
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