Pressure mounts on Trump Organization CFO to cooperate against Donald Trump

June 22, 2021 at 00:12

(CNN) The Trump Organization's chief financial officer is staring down a decision: whether to cooperate with prosecutors against former President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization or potentially face criminal tax-related charges.
Trump doesn't use email and there are a few people, including Weisselberg who could explain how decisions were made in the Trump organization.
It is not clear whether prosecutors believe they have evidence that the Trump Organization violated state laws.
In addition to fringe benefits given to Weisselberg, prosecutors are looking into other employees at the Trump Organization who received benefits and whether it was a tactic by the Trump Organization to avoid paying payroll taxes, people familiar with the investigation said.
The investigation into Calamari is not as advanced as the investigation of Weisselberg, the person said.
Vance's office has made broad records requests to the Trump Organization about benefits they have provided to employees, ranging from cars, apartments, rooms at hotels or club benefits, the people say.
Pressure from prosecutors has been relentlessFor months, pressure has been building on Weisselberg to cooperate with prosecutors.
Recently, Jeffrey McConney, the controller of the Trump Organization who reports to Weisselberg testified before a grand jury, people familiar with the matter told CNN.
McConney is likely to appear again and other individuals from the Trump Organization may be called before the grand jury, the people say.
He also has sat for depositions in civil investigations involving Trump University and the Trump Foundation and the parallel civil investigation into the Trump Organization's finances conducted by the New York attorney general.
He also was unable to provide investigators with information about how the Trump Organization treated a conservation easement donated on the Seven Springs property in its tax returns, according to the filing by the New York attorney general.
When the Trump Organization valued properties, Trump said in a civil deposition that the only person with whom he dealt and the person he placed the responsibility on -- was Weisselberg.