Judge dismisses Fulton County ballot review case in Georgia

October 13, 2021 at 22:38

(CNN) A judge in Georgia on Wednesday dismissed a case that could have paved the way for an audit of Fulton County's ballots, bringing to a close the final outstanding lawsuit challenging Georgia's election results.
The ballot review was set to move ahead in Georgia's most populous county after a judge ruled in May that absentee ballots could be unsealed for parties looking to examine them for evidence of fraud.
The case came as conservatives have clamored for and followed through with election audits in a number of states in the wake of former President Donald Trump's November loss.
The baseless belief that there was widespread fraud has persisted among some Republicans, despite a lack of evidence.
Henry County Judge Brian Amero, in dismissing the case, wrote that the petitioners who brought the lawsuit lacked standing to do so and "failed to allege a particularized injury."
Amero had already dismissed a case against Fulton County and its elections board, but did not dismiss cases against specific board members, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reportedRead More