A Wisconsin couple couldn't fly their Pride flag, so they lit up their home like a rainbow

June 10, 2021 at 17:25

(CNN) Memo Fachino and his husband, Lance Mier, have flown a Pride flag in front of their Wisconsin home for five years.
It's a symbol of inclusion, Fachino said, and a signal to the rest of their Racine neighborhood that all are welcome there.
So when their neighborhood homeowners' association enacted a new policy last month that barred residents from flying anything other than an American flag, Fachino found a workaround -- and turned his home into the Pride flag.
On May 31, Fachino and Mier set up six floodlights -- one for each color of the standard Pride flag -- and pointed them toward the front of their brick home.
The display bathes the house in a rainbow glow all night long.
"Simple representation and diversity is important to us," Fachino told CNN.
"We would like to see that in a neighborhood if we were looking to buy a house and were driving around."