If you've got a car you don't need, sell it now

May 03, 2021 at 17:46

(CNN) If you've got a car you don't use very much, congratulations.
Accordingly, many are turning to used cars instead.
That, in turn, has driven up used car prices.
As recently as 2019, a more normal year, those cars would have been going for 65% to 70% of their original price.
Keep in mind that you probably won't get 70% of the vehicle's original price from a dealer, said Drury.
A dealer that buys your used vehicle has to leave some room to make a profit after reconditioning and marketing it.
You could sell it yourself, of course, then all that profit will go directly into your pocket.
And with a slim inventory of new trucks to offer, that dealer will have a huge incentive to buy your nice used F-150 or Silverado.
When you take your vehicle for an in-person appraisal at a car dealer, you'll want to make sure it looks well taken care of.
Do not pay to have your car detailed -- meaning thoroughly cleaned inside and out -- before taking it to a dealership, he said.
As you're looking, keep in mind what that car is costing you to maintain and insure.
"And, at the same time, you might actually find out, yeah, this is not worth having at the same time."