These people have gone all-in on boat life. Here's how they did it

May 04, 2021 at 08:55

For some newbie sailors who embarked on boat life during the pandemic, the past year provided an unexpected push to make what may have once seemed unattainable suddenly within reach.
Randi HitchcockBoat life is boomingLife the van life movement that exploded in recent years -- and even more so during the pandemic -- boat life is not new.
And like RV sales during the pandemic, boat sales, too, have boomed.
Damien Williams and Maggie Jay traded RV life for boat life in early 2020.
Maggie JayOne couple's transition from van life to boat lifeMaggie Jay and Damien Williams, who are digital nomads working in marketing and finance, are among those first-time boat buyers diving right in.
The Denver, Colorado, couple made a brisk transition from RV life to boat life after an accident claimed their beloved motor home.
When he proposed the idea of living on a sailing boat to Jay, she says she imagined it like "rough camping on the water."
As glamorous as the sailing liveaboard life can look on YouTube and Instagram, not everyone is cut out for it.
Sailing Totem offers "mentoring, guidance, resources, and practical support to help YOU make a successful transition into the cruising life," according to its website.
The family plans to cruise around Spain's Balearic Islands this summer before sailing across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco.
"Other than social media friends, we didn't experience much community in the van and RV life at all," says Williams.
He thought transitioning to sailing life from RV life would "be a lateral move," he says, and has been surprised to find it an upgrade.