WP Engine Review Published By CWDSC

October 14, 2022 at 16:16

IL based Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC) has published a review of WP Engine. Penned by company founder and CEO Jack Lombardi (and available on the company’s official website), the review explores its usefulness as a Wordpress host, and why CWDSC ultimately decided to make it their preferred Wordpress hosting solution.

In the WP Engine review, Lombardi says, “CWDSC chooses WP Engine for hosting client WordPress websites. While other WordPress hosting companies offer WordPress website hosting, WP Engine is a trusted international online brand that continues to serve us and our customers well. There are many WPEngine reviews online but I will give my WP Engine review and reasons for choosing this hosting service provider.”

To begin with, interested parties will find that it is quite easy to set up an account with WP Engine, especially since the platform has gone to the extent of laying out all their plans, and their various benefits, in a handy comparison table. The customer may consider every option and choose whichever makes the most sense for their business, after which they may pick a hosting location. Lombardi notes that WP Engine offers one of the widest selections in the industry in this regard, with data centers located in Australia, Belgium, US, UK and Taiwan.

WP Engine also demonstrates an awareness of the community’s needs. For instance, customers may choose a monthly billing option that best suits their means. Lombardi says new customers may wish to pick the platform’s Welcome Plus option as it gives them some leeway to change their mind in the future. Should they be more certain of their decisions, however, they can also commit to the annual plan (and make use of the discount, which reduces the annual cost by 16%). Some customers may wish to know that this payment can only be completed by credit card.

Following this step, the customer will be redirected to a Welcome page, which displays links for their WP Engine account, the admin page for their WordPress site and a site URL. This URL can also be redirected to the customer’s own domain. This page is effectively the first stage of the website creation process.

“Not a lot of WP Engine Reviews talk about the creation of sites,” Lombardi says, “but this is not a generic WPEngine review. Once you get on the dashboard, you will be welcomed by a clutter of mass alerts, messages, news items, among many others. This might not be the best use of space, but you can always use the settings to simplify your dashboard. I also learned to ignore most of these items.” WP Engine also provides a series of metrics that can be used to glean an idea of the website’s storage usage, bandwidth, visitor histories and so on, but Lombardi says new users may wish to ignore this section for the moment.

While it is difficult to directly evaluate WP Engine’s performance, Lombardi observes that a user will eventually come to notice certain significant factors as they continue to explore the platform’s capabilities. One of these factors is page loading speeds, and he says Chicago Website Design SEO CompanyD always aims to make pages load as fast as possible because it promotes visitor loyalty and reduces bounce rates (how many visitors leave the website without interacting with it further). WP Engine, according to Lombardi, allows CWDSC to achieve blazing fast page-load speeds for their clients’ websites.

“The use of Evercache technology helps sites work at super speeds,” explains the review. “This is possible because they manage a combination of proxy and caching servers. The good news for webmasters is that there is no need to update or install anything to achieve these desirable speeds. The Evercache technology will ensure that your website is highly scalable when it comes to resource use and can comfortably handle traffic increase. The speeds can further be enhanced by some of the plans through offering Content Delivery Network.”

Lombardi’s review covers many other points of interest, such as WP Engine’s commitment to data security, customer support, pricing and various benefits that a user may wish to learn more about. It also provides further insight into CWDSC’s decision to use WP Engine as much as possible in their own projects.

More information on Chicago Website Design SEO Company’s design practices and so on can be found on their website as well. Additionally, Jack Lombardi and his team are available if anyone wishes to follow up on any other inquiries regarding WP Engine or the agency’s services.


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