Worth Insurance Launches New Website and Offers Florida Home Insurance Quotes

March 25, 2022 at 16:20

Worth Insurance Services, LLC., a company based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is pleased to announce that they have launched a new website where they have introduced a number of product pages and where they offer Florida home insurance quotes and more. Through their website, people can compare and shop homeowners insurance quotes from top insurance companies to find the appropriate policy for them. They have added several product pages for home insurance, condo insurance, landlord insurance, car insurance, flood insurance, renters insurance, RV insurance, and boat insurance. Worth Insurance Services has also added tons of new content to their blog page, providing valuable resources, guides, how to’s and more. In addition, they have also conducted a deep dive study on surface industry statistics on homeowners versus renters in the United States.

At a minimum, it is advisable for homeowners to buy sufficient coverage for their home or dwelling to cover the expenses for rebuilding the home to the same standard as it is at the present time. Furthermore, it is recommended that homeowners also purchase enough liability coverage to protect their personal assets. For those who are renting a home, it is the landlord who should have home insurance to protect the property. However, as a tenant, it is possible to buy renter’s insurance, which can cover liability and personal property risks.

Darren Craft, Founder and President of Worth Insurance, says, “We're here to help you make the most of your insurance. Worth was borne out of the first hand frustration with the home insurance experience. Our process and team make it quick and easy to find the best value policies and protect against the unexpected. Let's take home insurance off your to do list and say hello to peace of mind. Our new website also provides insurance resources and guides to protect your business and lifestyle.”

The new website of Worth Insurance, especially its blog page, provides relevant information that can offer homeowners and other property owners some insights on home ownership, renting, and more. For instance, in one of their most recent blog posts, the article presents the latest statistics on the number of homeowners versus renters. It shows the home ownership rates by country, state, age, and race, and also the home ownership demographics. The rental statistics and demographics are also presented and the homeowners versus renters statistics is provided by state.

In another recent article, they provide a complete guide to Florida home insurance in 2022. This guide offers an in-depth review of the different types of homeowners insurance in Florida, based on the property type and status of occupancy. These insurance policies are offered by a broad range of insurance providers, as various kinds of homeowners insurance companies cater to a number of home types and geographic locations.

Worth Insurance also offers flood insurance and as with other kinds of insurance that they provide, these are better value coverage plans. The first component of the coverage is for the home itself. The value limit for this particular coverage should at least be the amount required to rebuild the home. Meanwhile, the Other Structures coverage is for protecting other structures aside from the home, such as sheds, fences, and detached garages.

Founded in 2018, Worth Insurance Services, LLC. wants to simplify the commercial and personal insurance experience. They have been using technology to make their services more efficient and accessible, while still maintaining the human touch. Their vision is to become a next generation insurance agency that is capable of streamlining the application process, offer better insights, and empower clients to make the most of their insurance. They aim to create a more transparent and connected experience for their customers with the help of technology that enhances and makes information sharing and communication safe.

Those who are interested in checking out the various features of the new Worth Insurance Services website, such as the flood insurance calculator, can visit their site, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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