White Oak Roof Installer Receives Tesla Solar Certification

September 26, 2022 at 16:04

White Oak, TX based Clean Cut Roofing is pleased to announce that they have officially been certified as a Tesla installer for solar roofs. Having explored the solar industry thoroughly as a roofer, the company recognized early on that Tesla’s products were often superior to the competition, and this is why they chose to ensure that they would be able to offer a similarly exemplary service to their community.

The company strongly recommends that residents and businesses alike make the push for energy independence and take a look at the current offerings from solar panel providers. Most panels are designed to last decades, and the initial investment is more than made up for by the savings they would make on utility bills over this period. However, as is the case with any product, certain panels and packages are better than others, and this is why the company says customers are more likely to be satisfied by a Tesla Solar Roof, as opposed to more conventional options.

One of the key differences is also one that homeowners (and their guests) will notice immediately — the Tesla Solar Roof does not utilize solar panels. Generally, a solar roofing manufacturer will offer customers a series of panels that can be mounted to their existing roof. These panels jut out from the surface, and they need to be carefully installed to ensure they do not affect the roof’s structural integrity. The size of a solar panel array will typically depend on certain factors, such as the property’s electrical consumption, available surface area, the amount of sunlight it receives in a given period and more.

A Tesla Solar Roof, however, is custom-fitted for each property, and this means it replaces the entire roof, serving as protection from the elements (like a regular shingle roof) as well as providing power. The Tesla Solar Roof uses tempered glass panels that can be arranged to assume the shape of the property’s previous roof, so there will be virtually no difference in its silhouette. It also means that Tesla’s option is incredibly strong, as resilient as a typical roof is. It can often be expected to handle exterior conditions well in excess of what a typical panel can withstand.

Notably, the fact that a Tesla Solar Roof has to be custom-fitted is exactly why customers should exclusively trust its installation to a professional contractor that is certified by Tesla itself. A Tesla Certified Installer will have proven that they understand what it takes to ensure a successful installation, and they abide by the strict standards Tesla customers have come to expect from the pioneering company. Having undergone this certification process, Clean Cut Roofing is intrinsically familiar with the associated requirements, and they strongly advise homeowners especially against choosing contractors that have not proven themselves in this manner. Tesla offers a 25-year tile warranty, and this is the minimum that the roof should be expected to last. However, an improper installation can significantly reduce the roof’s overall longevity or even durability, and the customer may find themselves unable to claim the warranty as a result.

Notably, Tesla Solar Roofs are also known for their ability to produce better value in terms of the per watt price. This is due to the fact that it is more effective at generating electricity, and customers also tend to express more satisfaction with the Tesla Powerwall, which can help guarantee uninterrupted power even during periods of low generation (or during outages). Powerwall is a compact home battery that is bundled with Solar Roof, and it can power a home during the night.

Clean Cut Roofing acknowledges that many will be concerned about the cost of a solar panel or solar roof installation. The company says many will find that their monthly utility bills may not even see an increase (provided they choose a suitable payment plan), and given that energy costs are projected to increase in the near future, going solar can help them stay on a fixed rate while actively paying into their own investment. Eventually, the investment will be paid for, and the customer will not have to deal with utility bills again.

Should anyone wish to discuss the advantages of having a Tesla Solar Roof, they may contact Richard Rossouw of Clean Cut Roofing to get started. The company will also be pleased to provide an estimate for installation costs (along with advice from their professionals) when requested.


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