Tree Service Experts Long Beach Launches Subscription-Based Service for Regular Tree Care

January 31, 2023 at 17:20

Long Beach, CATree Service Experts Long Beach announced the launch of their new subscription-based service to help homeowners keep their trees in optimal condition. The program offers regular tree care visits tailored to each customer's needs. It is designed to provide peace of mind to customers who want to ensure their trees remain healthy throughout the year.

The subscription-based service allows customers to customize the frequency of visits and what services they receive. From trimming and pruning to fertilizing and deep root injections, customers can choose the level of service they need. Additionally, the subscription includes an assessment of existing trees, advice from arborists, and 24-hour emergency service if required.

Professional Long Beach, CA Tree Service

All of this adds to cost savings for customers looking for ongoing tree maintenance without paying the total price every time. In addition, the Tree Service Experts Long Beach subscription-based service provides access to a range of services at a fraction of the usual cost.

Customers will have access to regular preventative care that helps keep their trees healthy and thriving, as well as a quick action in the event of any emergencies or other issues that may arise. The experts at Tree Service Experts can provide comprehensive tree care with each visit, ensuring that all areas are checked thoroughly, and any necessary treatments are carried out promptly and safely. Furthermore, they will always provide detailed follow-up notes after each visit so customers can stay on top of their trees' health over time.

See how Tree Service Experts Long Beach is working hard to keep the environment healthy:

Tree Service Experts Long Beach was founded by Whidden Carmen to provide the highest quality tree care services to the Long Beach area. They specialize in tree care and maintenance, from pruning and trimming to diagnosing diseases and removing deadwood.

The experienced professionals at Tree Service Experts Long Beach also provide planting services for trees of all ages so that homeowners can have a beautiful, healthy forest in their backyard or business space. Their commitment to customer service also means they are always available to answer questions and advise on how best to care for trees. Furthermore, their commitment to safety guarantees that any work is completed with the proper safety precautions.

Tree Service Experts Long Beach's subscription-based service provides customers with various benefits. Their experts work closely with each customer to develop a tailored tree care plan that ensures their trees stay healthy and vibrant throughout the year. This includes pruning, fertilization, insect control, disease prevention, and more—all without the hassle or expense of needing multiple visits from an arborist.

Customers can also take advantage of discounts on additional services based on their tree care plan. The subscription service is designed to meet the current and future needs of each customer's lawn care and landscaping goals.

Whidden Carmen, CEO of Tree Service Experts Long Beach, said, "We are so excited to launch our subscription-based service. We believe it will help customers save time and money while ensuring their trees get the regular care they need throughout the year."

For more information on the subscription-based tree service, homeowners can visit the Tree Service Experts Long Beach offices at 3229 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States. Interested property owners can also contact the company at +1 310-905-5308 and


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