Tree Care Services Available For Beverly Customers

December 28, 2022 at 17:48

Beverly, Massachusetts based Cicoria Tree and Crane Service, Inc. is reaching out to the wider community to share information about their services. In particular, the company wishes to highlight their fertilization and soil management services. Family owned-and-operated since 1981, Cicoria Tree is the only independently-owned, TCIA-Accredited tree care company on the North Shore.

Mark Cicoria, owner of Cicoria Tree and Crane Service, says, “It goes without saying that plants need soil that is rich in nutrients to both survive and thrive. Today, most soil is affected by the byproducts of urbanization, which means that by default, soil may not have the necessary nutrients for plants to thrive. Our fertilization and soil management services are meant to counter that.”

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According to the company, construction, construction equipment, roads and even foot traffic can alter, compact and damage soil health, and unhealthy soil inevitably means unhealthy trees and plant life. Fortunately, proper soil management can replace the missing or depleted nutrients in the soil, making it healthy again and paving the way for flourishing plant life.

Cicoria Tree and Crane Service’s fertilization and soil management services are extensive, and cover a variety of necessities. The company provides soil testing, liquid fertilizer injection, wood chip mulches, root collar excavation, irrigation monitoring and more. All these contribute to proper soil management and improvement, and the company uses specialized equipment to carry out each task (where appropriate), including the use of an air spade to alleviate soil compaction and incorporate compost and nutrients.

In addition to their fertilization and soil management services, the company’s expertise extends to tree pruning, tree removal and stump grinding, emergency tree service, cabling and bracing, insect and disease management, construction damage mitigation and a range of arborist consultation services.

Cicoria says, “We are a local company, and we built our reputation on three and a half decades of safe, knowledgeable, prompt and courteous customer service. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you are receiving nothing but the highest quality tree care. We are fully insured and staffed by certified arborists and applicators, and an ISA board-certified master arborist. Our team has a lot of experience in tree care and is wholly committed to providing you with high-quality, cost-effective advice and service, customized to meet your tree and plant health care needs and to give you peace of mind.”

The many tree care services provided by Cicoria Tree and Crane Service have earned them great praise from the residents of Beverly and the surrounding areas. Alex Z. says in a review, “Cicoria pruned a tree in my yard to remove dead branches over my and my neighbor's property. They did an excellent job and left no mess. I had a positive experience working with Mark Cicoria as well as the master arborist who came onsite to consult on a separate issue. The office staff was also highly responsive. I highly recommend this company.”

In another review, Robert D. says, “We have utilized different tree-related services of Cicoria for many years, including a recent need for a downed tree removal. We have been very pleased and highly recommend this company. All of their staff are very professional, approachable and helpful, starting with Mark Cicoria, the proprietor, to the skilled technicians who provide the hands-on work to the Office Staff with whom we coordinate for scheduling, etc. The work is always done on-time, and our property is left very neat, with everything cleared away. We have never had a need to ‘shop around’ or compare pricing; we are that happy with Cicoria Tree Service. Besides, I would not want to waste time comparing prices if a fallen / leaning tree could pose a genuine hazard to our home and safety, and we have a known and trusted resource available to us.”

More information about Cicoria Tree Service and the full range of arborist and tree care services provided by the company can be found on the Cicoria Tree and Crane Service website. Mark Cicoria encourages interested parties to get in touch with him directly for any questions or a free estimate.


For more information about Cicoria Tree and Crane Service, contact the company here:

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