Top Roofing Contractor Now Serving Duluth Georgia

March 08, 2023 at 22:02

Mighty Dog Roofing of Northeast Atlanta is offering their premium roofing services to the communities of Duluth, GA and the surrounding areas. The contractor is qualified to install and maintain all kinds of roofs, gutters, sidings, skylights and more, and they take pride in delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

“Today’s customers know what they want,” states Mighty Dog, “and what they want is not just quality alone. No matter how good a roof may be, a customer will determine a contractor’s worth based on every interaction they have, from the first moment they get in touch to implementation of the project itself and beyond. Mighty Dog’s team targets the entire customer experience because we understand what you need is a contractor who is willing to work with you, not against you.”

Since the company places such a high priority on the customer, they have long understood that trust is a vital component of every project. To this end, Mighty Dog makes every effort to show customers the results of their work at every stage, and this is evident even in the inspection stage.

Mighty Dog Roofing of Northeast Atlanta employs a 25-point inspection plan that ensures they leave no shingle unturned when examining a roof, and they are more than willing to inform homeowners if they discover other issues that need to be addressed around the home (such as broken gutters and so on). While each member of the team is trained to perform this inspection with an eagle eye, the company also utilizes drone and specialized scanning technology to document their findings more accurately — and these findings are presented to the homeowner once the inspection is concluded.

While the company will recommend the best course of action to take, the final decision is ultimately in the customer’s hands. Mighty Dog says their inspection reports help homeowners make better, more informed decisions regarding their home or roof’s health, and this information is preserved in the company’s ‘Customer Vault’ in the event it is needed in the future. For instance, the information is retrieved on subsequent maintenance visits, and it is used to track the roof’s condition over time. This way, emerging issues are more likely to stand out.

Mighty Dog adds that customers can rest assured all their information is securely stored. The Customer Vault is only accessed when the customer themselves requires the information, typically for a job the company is working on. In certain cases, homeowners may also choose to share information from the Vault with their insurer or real estate agent.

Many customers expect roof repairs or installations to be fairly messy projects, and this leads them to believe that the following cleanup will be an unavoidable laborious endeavor. However, the company actively takes care not to damage a property’s landscaping or leave tools and materials lying around unsupervised. Cleanup, as a result, is much easier, and the company confirms that the team even takes the added precaution of trawling the property with a magnet in case nails were misplaced during construction.

A review of the company says, “Can I tell you that as business owners ourselves, how professionalism was exuded at every step of our journey with them! I am one for open communication, and Meg runs that office like I’ve never seen exhibited by any other company! I didn’t have one detail not extended to me throughout the whole process. She was amazing and it was just a smooth journey.”

The review adds, “Justin came out with his crew and didn’t just “supervise.” He jumped in and was helping; he was cleaning, making runs, coming back, and doing what he does best. Work!”

Mighty Dog Roofing has offices in many locations, and the team works hard to maintain their glowing reputation no matter which communities they serve or what projects they are hired on. As a roofing contractor serving Duluth Georgia, Mighty Dog Roofing seeks to offer both homeowners and businesses a customer experience they can find nowhere else.

The company can be contacted via phone or email. Social media users are also welcome to get in touch via their preferred platforms.


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