Top Google Interview Questions For Software Engineers Updated - Google Interview Prep Course By Interview Kickstart

August 23, 2023 at 22:24

Santa Clara, California -

Interview Kickstart, based in Santa Clara, CA, is a new type of school that is helping students secure job offers from the most coveted tech companies in the nation. For more information visit

Interview Kickstart has, to date, trained over 15,000 experienced engineers, engineering managers, product managers, TPMs and analysts, with the skills they need to crack demanding tech interviews and level up their careers. The company’s proven methodology prepares its students to dive deep into the fundamentals of computer science, not only equipping them to breeze through the tech interview but also making them more well-rounded and curious software engineers.

top google interview questions

“We pioneered the use of patterns in this industry,” says the spokesperson for Interview Kickstart. “Other prep programs focus solely on hacking the interview process. This is a misguided approach that is unlikely to prepare you for the grueling 5 to 7 rounds that most companies put potential candidates through. By understanding the underlying patterns that are used to create the coding challenges themselves, we prepare our students for all the variations they may encounter while also honing their skills for a long and dynamic career in tech.”

The patterns at the heart of Interview Kickstart’s highly-rated prep courses have been developed by over 500 instructors, interviewers, technical coaches, and career coaches, all of whom are hiring managers, hiring committee members, and technical leads at Google, Facebook, Amazon and other FAANG and top Silicon Valley companies. It is the only platform with such a wide breadth of expertise on its roster.

“No other platform even comes close,” the spokesperson says. “Our Power Patterns make us the only platform that has the ability to teach you this. Apart from strong technical fundamentals, we also offer valuable pertinent advice from the perspective of hiring managers who know how to make the cut. They have been through the process themselves and have even had a role in forging it for other hopefuls like them.”

As previously announced, Interview Kickstart’s students have gone on to receive lucrative offers from tech companies across the country such as Amazon, LinkedIn, Uber, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Oracle, Goldman Sachs, Adobe, Salesforce, Intuit, Qualcomm, Atlassian, and more. Its alumni report an average salary increase of 66.5% with the remuneration increasing by a range of $75,000 to $200,000 for those who level up.

The company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its students as it boasts a rating of 4.8 out of 5 with 263 reviews on its Google Business Profile and 4.82 out of 5 with 236 reviews on Course Report. Alumnus Mike Kane writes: “I really liked the course. For many working professionals, going through examples and different perspectives is very valuable in interview preparation. I started interviewing for Facebook in May, then took Interview Kickstart to study for this specific company.”

He continues, “Interview Kickstart was great because its structure helped me understand each problem in my interview. The high sense of camaraderie in Discord was also great! I had a study group with other people in my cohort and felt the engagement was much stronger than in an academic setting. Also, it was super helpful to do the mock interviews. The instructors were very helpful in finding my weaknesses and were very helpful in my interviews.”

Interview Kickstart’s StepUp and LevelUp courses help aspirants prepare for interviews for tech roles at FAANG and Tier-1 companies. StepUp is an accelerated customizable self-paced course that features 10 mentor sessions/mock interviews along with placement assistance and unlimited coaching sessions. The company’s Level Up course is a guided interview prep program that features instructor-led live courses along with 15 mentor sessions/mock interviews.

For data science and ML engineers who are looking to upskill themselves for a new role at a Tier-1 tech company, Interview Kickstart offers the SwitchUp course. The course, which is almost a year long, features instructor-led live courses, 15 mentor sessions/mock interviews, placement assistance, and unlimited coaching sessions.

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