Tiny Rituals Brings A New Generation Of Smudging & Sage Kits To Community

March 25, 2022 at 15:55

Encinitas, California -

Encinitas, California based Tiny Rituals is pleased to introduce their brand new generation of smudging and sage kits. The store is dedicated to curating a collection of jewelry made from precious gems and ancient crystals that come with all kinds of rich healing properties that can balance the body, mind and soul.

Every item in Tiny Rituals' new line of smudging and sage products has been carefully selected to help people bring cleansing, positive energy to their heart and their homes. For instance, the store’s smudging sticks come in a variety of sweet scents that complement their spiritual benefits. Their products call on the aromatic ancient energy of California White Sage, the shamanism of fiery Dragon's Blood and the beautiful blend of herbs and flowers (like Mountain Sage and Lavender), and they can support a major energy overhaul.

smudge starter kit

As Tiny Rituals explains, spiritual cultures have been turning to the gifts of Mother Nature to help them cleanse their souls and their homes for centuries. The practice of smudging and sage for the home goes much deeper than simply performing an energetic cleanse. Often, these herbs and flowers contain antimicrobial properties, soothing scents and all kinds of uplifting vibes that contribute positively to the residents of the home.

From Native Americans to Buddhism, the cultures that have turned to smudging in the past are some of the most connected communities on Earth. It is a beloved technique used to shift energy and shake up those feelings of being stuck, and it can reduce a build up of tension and difficulty in the home. Smudging is based on the idea that everyone leaves behind traces of their energy, almost like a scent that sticks to skin. When someone comes into contact with others, their spiritual scents can mix and linger, clouding each individual’s own energy. Instead of dragging potentially negative vibes into their respective spaces, they can turn to the art of smudging to clear the air.

Tiny Rituals says, “Smudging your home or room can have a dramatic improvement on your mood and energy. We find that it can heighten spirits, soothe anxiety, improve cognitive thought and even encourage golden slumbers that leave you rejuvenated and ready to face the world. This makes smudging very powerful, and it is important that you understand how to do it.”

The first step to smudging properly is gathering the smudging materials. The most common herbs for smudging include white sage, lavender, cedarwood and sweet grass. Once the right materials are on hand, the ritual can commence in earnest. Tiny Rituals explains that clearing one’s mind and calming one's heart can go a long way when smudging. Smudging is meant to be a soft, slow, positive ritual. The store recommends that people meditate on the kind of energy they are seeking for their home and hearth. Once that is done, Tiny Rituals says they should light their smudge stick, say a smudging prayer and move calmly through the space, walking clockwise around the perimeter of each room they want to clear. They should consciously invite the smoke to enter all the hidden corners and shadows (where negativity loves to hide). Once finished, they may extinguish the smudge in a bowl of sand and give gratitude to Mother Earth for bringing this gift of healing.

Tiny Rituals says, “Once the smoke clears, that is when you have the power to shift the energy of the space. At this point, you should bring the gift of love from the depths of your heart and consider which crystals or floral blooms could also help to lift the room into this next phase of bright and abundant energy. If you want to keep your energy shifting, it’s a good idea to smudge every week or whenever you hear the call.”

Tiny Rituals was founded with the intention of giving back. With every Tiny Rituals purchase, they donate 10% of profit protecting children in need, and an additional 10% of profit supporting other charitable and environmental initiatives. According to the company, Tiny Rituals was born after the founders' visit to India in 2007 where they witnessed the malnutrition that children faced who were living in impoverished communities. Wanting to help, they created Tiny Rituals to tackle Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder (VADD) by donating 10% of the profits to supplying vital nutrients to at-risk children.

Those who want to purchase Tiny Rituals’ range of smudging and sage products and help the store give back to those in need may get started by visiting the company’s website. More information on their products can be found here as well.


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