Tempe General Contractor Eliminates Project Stress With Professional Oversight

June 08, 2023 at 16:33

AZ based Phoenix Home Remodeling (PHR) is offering the Tempe community their services as a general contractor. Boasting many years of experience in the field, the company is known for delivering excellent results alongside a unique customer service-focused approach.

“When you have work done on your home,” the company points out, “you want it to be done right the first time. That is not too much to ask, but we all know how common it is for contractors to make mistakes and then need more time — or money — to correct it. In extreme cases, you may find yourself forced to change contractors completely and essentially start over.”

Tempe general contractor

They continue, “There are many reasons why this can happen, but we believe one of the strongest is the fact that contractors can be notoriously poor at communication. Even when they understand your overall vision, details can fall through the cracks, and this ultimately means that your results are less fulfilling than you anticipated. With this in mind, Phoenix Home Remodeling utilizes a unique Design-Build approach.”

Typically, a general contractor will be hired to oversee a project. They have several responsibilities, from ensuring a job is completed to specifications to keeping it on schedule. They also coordinate with other organizations or businesses on the client’s behalf, such as materials suppliers, vendors and so on. They are also supposed to keep a project within budget.

As anyone who has remodeled their home will be aware, these responsibilities are not always carried as well as they should be. In particular, prices can change (for the worse) after a project has begun, and this often has an impact on the schedule as well. With Design-build, this is no longer an issue.

Phoenix Home Remodeling explains that contractors may raise prices because they made a hasty bid at the outset, making promises based on an incomplete assessment of the property and job in question. Design-Build is the opposite: it requires the contractor to create a comprehensive (and accurate) plan, which may include a 3D design, complete cost assessments and more, before the homeowner commits any financial resources to the project. They will always receive a full evaluation, detailed scope of work, and pricing before the project begins.

Further, the company says the homeowner retains all rights to this information. They own the complete feasibility, planning, and design package — which may be transferred to any other contractor afterward. Notably, 99% of Tempe homeowners prefer to continue working with Phoenix Home Remodeling at this point.

“We contracted Phoenix Home Remodeling” explains a client in their top-rated review of the contractor, “to do three (much needed) bathroom remodels for us. Prior, we had several contractors in the area visit and provide quotes. What we found was none of the other contractors could meet all our expectations, except PHR. Their craftsmanship, professionalism, attention to details, organization, promptness and genuine concern for our project helped make the entire experience worth it! We would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to Ben, Steve, Garron, Aaron and Brandon. You all were a pleasure to work with! Our bathrooms are beautiful! Thank you!”

The Tempe general contractor is ready and willing to take on jobs of any size, and homeowners can expect the company to always produce their best work. Another client shares, “Though a small project overall (bathtub removal, shower and countertop installation) we were treated as a priority client. The team of Jeremy, Ben, Mark, Lupe and Aaron were all extremely professional and courteous. Their communication and [adherence to the schedule] exceeded expectations. Work was performed timely, professionally, and they cleaned up in the areas they worked in. Prices are reasonable, and service is top notch. We would highly recommend them to others.”

Phoenix Home Remodeling is giving all new clients an opportunity to have a free no-obligation consultation with their team. During this consultation, all the client’s concerns may be discussed, including further details on the Design-Build process and how construction itself may be completed.

Anyone may contact PHR via phone or email. Alternatively, they may get in touch via social media.


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