Talisman Casualty Insurance Company Is Offering Program Business Solutions for Specialty Industries

March 13, 2023 at 17:12

Carson City, Nevada -

Talisman Insurance Company is meeting the insurance needs of modern entrepreneurs who are venturing into nascent business models with growth potential.

Talisman Casualty can help trailblazers take the calculated risk they need to expand operations, stock up on inventory, expand into new markets, hire new recruits, and more by offering them participation in protected captive insurance cells. The company’s Program Business solution is well suited for the segregated cell insurance structure. Small and medium-sized business owners can self-insure to get essential coverage that conventional insurance companies just cannot provide.

The spokesperson for Talisman Casualty talks about the need for a modern insurance paradigm by saying, “Many businesses are left out of the insurance market because providers don’t understand their industries and the kind of risks involved in them. This is exacerbated by the fact that traditional insurers are too big to move swiftly into new and exciting business models as they prefer to wait until they mature. This leaves a gaping hole that can be filled in by captive insurers who implement creative solutions specific to any given industry.”

For example, Talisman Casualty’s Pet Professional program is aimed at individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses that provide services such as pet sitters, trainers, and more. Since the size of the market is relatively small when compared to the number of people working in more lucrative industries, insurance companies are not interested in providing a solution that can cater to them. The same applies to many other trades where professionals work, full-time or part-time, in organizational structures that include themselves and only a handful of other people.

Using the protected captive cell insurance model, Talisman Casualty Insurance Company can offer flexible coverage options that bring in the growing number of solopreneurs, creatives, and startups into the new economy. Case in point, the company’s aforementioned Pet Professional Program gives clients the benefits of its risk expertise, unique claims management technology, and personalized customer service that ensures a high degree of insured interaction with underwriters and claims personnel.

With Talisman Casualty’s Program Business solution, models can be tested within the cell. The ease and flexibility of modifying underwriting methodology, risk management, and risk ceding within a cell also allow for the tailoring of programs to meet specific small business needs. This opens up a world of possibilities for business owners and creates opportunities for managing general agencies, managing general underwriters, associations, industry groups, and any sector of the market where capacity has been restricted access to insurance. With Talisman Casualty’s Program Business solution, business owners betting on the future growth of a fledgling industry can participate in every step of the design and administration of their insurance structure.

The spokesperson then talks about the many benefits of Talisman Casualty’s Program Business solution by saying, “The most immediate benefits that the captive cell structure brings are lowering cost, enhancing service, and sharing underwriting profits with insureds. However, the biggest advantage that you will feel upon participating in a captive is the elation of having a heavy burden taken off your shoulders. You will be able to plan and implement bolder business moves that are true to your original vision. In short, our risk management solutions will help you monetize your ideas with greater speed and efficiency than ever before.”

Talisman Casualty Insurance Company, Las Vegas, is a protected cell captive insurance company domiciled in Nevada that serves the specialty insurance sector by offering protected cells to underwriters who have seasoned books of business and need a regulated vehicle to transfer risk and direct access to capacity through reinsurance and alternative risk finance markets. All coverage provided by Talisman is commercial and is only available to those businesses that participate in an underwriting cell. All Talisman capital, surplus, reserves, and financial records are maintained per the provisions and regulations of NRS Chapter 694 C (Captive Insurers).

Readers can head over to the company's website to view its license or contact its representatives at (800) 318-5317 for inquiries about Talisman Casualty programs.


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