Sydney Holistic Dental Centre Explains Holistic Dentistry Approach to Root Canal Treatment

August 30, 2021 at 16:00

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, has explained their holistic dentistry approach to root canal treatment. First of all, they want to point out that holistic dentistry always considers the many potential relationships between a person’s oral health and general health. There are two conflicting views with regards to root canals and the holistic dentists at the dental centre need to take them into account in providing root canal treatment.

One of these conflicting views is that bacteria and toxins will negatively affect the patient’s health and that the bioenergetics of the presence of a dead tooth on a meridian line can also have a negative impact on health. The other view is that as long as the root canal treatment is performed properly based on traditional dental standards, the exposure to bacteria and their toxins would be minimal and the body’s immune system would be able to handle them. And while the nerve of the tooth would no longer be there, the bone and periodontal ligament that the tooth is sitting on remain alive.

It is important to note that a root canal is an extremely difficult procedure, particularly if it is to be performed in compliance with the strictest standards. This is because there are many factors that contribute to this, such as the skills, experience, and knowledge of the dentist, the anatomy of the specific patient’s tooth, and the present state of the patient’s immune system.

The holistic dentistry root canal treatment approach that the dentists at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre will take is to be open to these conflicting points of view, and evaluate each patient’s situation to determine whether a root canal treatment would be beneficial.

Following the concept of holistic dentistry root canal treatment, the dentists at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre will need to assess why a particular patient will require a root canal. They will evaluate the specific situation of each patient on whether a root canal will be beneficial for the patient or not.

They will always consider the fact that a root canal is one of the most technically challenging procedures that a dentist can undertake. On the other hand, the problem is that tooth pulp may die due to decay or trauma, it may become gangrenous, which means a body tissue that is dead because of serious infection or lack of blood flow. This may result in an abscess or an accumulation of pus at the root tip, which will eventually cause loss of bone support for the tooth. If such is the case, a root canal will be required to remove the dead tissue and to clean it out from inside the tooth. One cannot depend on the immune system because it can reach the bacteria and the toxins due to the absence of blood supply to the dead tissue.

In considering both concepts, the holistic dentists will make a careful diagnosis by taking an x-ray of the tooth to determine whether the tooth still has a vital pulp inside. If the x-ray shows there is healthy bone surrounding a tooth, infection is present, and the patient is in otherwise good health with a healthy immune system, the patient is advised to keep the tooth and a root canal is performed. All potential problems are discussed and they will check if the infection has been eliminated as shown by the presence of healthy bone regeneration around the tooth.

The root canal would be considered as successful if the bone has regenerated and the tooth continues to be functional and comfortable. This will need regular routine dental check-ups to ensure both overall health and the health of the root canal treatment are monitored.

In contrast, if the infection doesn’t appear to have been resolved, regardless of whether pain is present or not, the root canal may not have served its purpose and the patient’s health may be compromised by the remaining bacteria and toxins and this will need to be remedied.

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