SUN Kentucky Launches a Better Online User Experience

November 25, 2022 at 19:28

Erlanger, KY: SUN Behavioral Health in Kentucky is one of a network of SUN Behavioral Health locations dedicated to helping their communities be happy and healthy. This year SUN Behavioral Health undertook the project of modernizing and redesigning their public-facing websites for each one of their four locations. These newly designed and more patient-friendly websites will ensure that the community can reach mental health services easily when needed.

The internet is at the forefront of education and recovery. Having a modern and up-to-date website helps ensure that patients can more easily find helpful and potentially life-saving information at the click of a button.

SUN Kentucky’s new site has launched today with a brand-new design. The navigation to find the same high-quality and valuable information is now easier and better programmed than before.

Over 85% of adults are online daily. It’s more important now than ever to ensure that the options provided by SUN Behavioral Health online are user-friendly and allow fast access to care. There shouldn’t be any barriers between patients and the ability to start their recovery journey. Being able to quickly find information about behavioral health or substance use disorders when it is needed most is important.

The website offers everything from explanations of treatment options to insurance information, as well as helpful blogs that break down pressing questions that patients have.

SUN Behavioral Health Kentucky is a 197-bed psychiatric hospital in Erlanger, Kentucky, 10 minutes south of Cincinnati. SUN Behavioral treats behavioral health, substance use disorders, and mental health for people in all stages of life. Their treatment program ages range from teens to seniors. All of this information and more can be found on their new website, and they are always available by phone at (859) 429-5188 for anyone in the community who has any questions.


For more information about SUN Behavioral Kentucky, contact the company here:

SUN Behavioral Kentucky
820 Dolwick Drive
Erlanger, Kentucky 41018