SUN Delaware Addresses Alcoholism Stages

July 14, 2023 at 21:36

Georgetown, DE - SUN Behavioral Delaware has recognized that alcohol use disorder (AUD) develops in four stages. AUD is often rooted in trauma or triggered by mental health conditions, so it does not happen overnight. Some people even use it for self-medication. It is important to understand the stages of AUD to better grasp the healing journey ahead of them.

“We also know that the desire to stop drinking isn’t always enough. Alcohol impacts brain chemistry. When it’s consumed for long periods, things like withdrawal and cravings are common, which can make it feel impossible to stop drinking on your own. It is both biological and psychological. Simply treating alcohol use won’t work – the whole person needs to be considered when discussing recovery,” the article says.

Understanding the stages allows those with an AUD to understand how they got to the place they are currently in. The stages start with a pre-alcoholic or experimental stage of discovering alcohol. It might even start as social use, limited to weekends and evenings with friends.

The middle stage is when alcohol becomes a priority in their life. Their first instinct might be to put alcohol in their coffee in the morning. Starting at this stage, they might struggle with school or work due to massive hangovers and avoidance of places where they can’t drink.

And finally, the end stage is when they no longer control their alcohol use. People in this stage of AUD have difficulty stopping their alcohol use even when they want to. While these stages are the simplest form of describing where one is in their alcohol use, it doesn’t mean that they will fit in that box because every person is different. However, these stages can help give someone a better idea of their journey through their AUD.

Some signs of an alcohol use disorder include having three or more drinks daily, drinking in the morning, conflict in relationships, and declining work or school performance. These can exist at any stage of an AUD. The biggest component is being unable to control one’s alcohol use to the point that it affects everyday life.

“There is no specific point or stage at which your drinking ‘should’ concern you. If you’re questioning yourself and wondering whether or not you’re making healthy choices, it’s already a concern. If you feel like you’re having a hard time controlling how much you drink, it might be a good time to talk to your doctor,” the article continues.

It can be difficult for those watching a loved one at any stage of an AUD. The best thing for those people to do is to offer their loved ones support. This includes opening up a conversation with them about concerns with their AUD and supporting positive changes they see.

SUN Behavioral Delaware is a mental health and addiction treatment center in Georgetown, DE. They offer treatment for mental health and addiction concerns, including adolescent programs, adult mental health services, adult outpatient services, and adult co-occurring/substance use disorders. Among those who seek treatment, not everyone is in the end stage of alcohol use disorder. People who seek treatment can be at any stage in the process and still achieve recovery.

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