Southeast Softwash LLC Offers High Quality Pressure Washing Equipment as a Turnkey Business Solution

May 22, 2023 at 16:06

Southeast Softwash LLC is offering a comprehensive range of powerwashing equipment to help entrepreneurs get started with a long and profitable career in the industry. More details about the company can be found at

The company offers all the equipment, parts, supplies, and chemical formulations that an individual or business needs to begin providing powerwashing services to their local customers. Designed with businesses of varying sizes in mind, the company’s product range covers a wide gamut of price points. From starter kits to trailer builds, entrepreneurs can start their business at a level they feel comfortable with and then scale up their operations with its high-volume high throughput hardware further down the road.

“We even offer in-depth training to help you get started,” says Coty Yarbrough, the owner of Southeast Softwash. “You can watch our Softwash 101 Training video or even join us for in-person classes at our location in Roanoke, AL. We even have detailed guides for troubleshooting your equipment to keep it optimally working in the field. We have streamlined the softwashing startup process into a turnkey business that allows you to hit the ground running and build a long-lasting sustainable venture. Browse through the full list of our equipment at”

For small teams and individuals, Southeast Softwash offers The Kraken Pressure Washing Business Start-Up Kit. The starter kit comes with the Kraken 5.5gpm pressure washer with Kohler Engine Command Pro CH440 which has a Quad-Clean™ all-season four-stage cyclonic air filter that offers effective engine protection for tough-and-dirty conditions, a large-capacity fuel tank, and the ability to power or re-power equipment without expensive modifications.

The Start-Up Kit also includes the Comet 5535 5.5gpm 3500psi pressure washer pump that boasts a 3/8″ ball valve DN10, a 20″-BE whirl-away surface cleaner, a pressure wash wand, a chemical injector (downstream injector), and two 50-ft single-wire pressure wash hoses. Customers also frequently purchase a 12V tall reach tip and surfactant variety pack along with the Start-Up kit.

Established softwashing professionals who need to serve multiple customers in a single round can opt for higher-end vehicle-mounted units such as the AlumiMAX Pro Pressure Washing Skid Mount System. It combines the same 5.5gpm Kraken pressure washer along with two independent soft wash systems.

The tank-fed pressure washer allows for up to 15 minutes of pressure washing without the need for a water source. The two independent softwash systems allow business owners to run a crew of up to 3 technicians and clean multiple surfaces at the same time. The heavy gauge welded aluminum frame is impervious to corrosion, is fully forklift capable, and reduces weight on the truck.

The AlumiMax Skid Mount System also comes with 100-gallon water capacity, 100-gallon SH capacity, and 16-gallon surfactant capacity, two 5.5gpm 12V softwash pumps, two hose reels each with 200 ft. of softwash hose, a feed hose reel with 100 ft of supply hose, two chemical metering manifolds (more information: and two softwash wands, two deep cycle marine-grade batteries with a charging system, and a hose reel with a 200ft pressure hose.

Southeast Softwash has received tremendous praise for the quality and affordable pricing of its softwash equipment, the professionalism of its knowledgeable instructors and support crew, and its helpful customer service. On its Google Business Profile, the company has a near-perfect overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from over 520 reviews.

One business owner thanks Southeast Softwash by writing, “I bought my trailer rig from SESW at the beginning of January and have been crushing it since then thanks to them. Everyone notices it and says how professional our setup is and we get compliments all the time. SESW's customer support is awesome. They have an awesome variety of useful chemicals and are always improving their equipment. I just can't say enough about Coty and his team. I look forward to buying more rigs from them in the future. Thank you, SESW.”

Readers can contact Southeast Softwash LLC at (334) 863-0084 to inquire about the company’s equipment, supplies, and training courses.


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