Southeast Softwash LLC Introduces Efflo-Go! for Removing Efflorescence

February 22, 2023 at 16:46

Southeast Softwash LLC, a company based in Roanoke, AL, is happy to announce the availability of their Efflo-Go! for getting rid of stubborn efflorescence deposits from masonry surfaces without damaging or discoloring the surface. Efflorescence refers to deposits or crusts of white mineral salts on surfaces of the roof, concrete, brick, or mortar. This causes ugly streaks on various kinds of surfaces, which can be removed with the buffered acid formulation of Efflo-Go! that has been designed to eliminate efflorescence deposits from masonry surfaces. It has been found to be safe for use on: concrete, pavers, brick, pool tiles, mortar, blocks, and other masonry surfaces.

There are two kinds of efflorescence, which are the primary and secondary efflorescence. Primary efflorescence occurs because during the curing process of newly installed masonry, the excess water and salts within the materials get to the surface and evaporate leaving behind those ugly white deposits that form the primary efflorescence. This kind of efflorescence is usually found on newly installed masonry and disappears on its own after a few months as the material continues to cure.

The secondary efflorescence is different in that it happens after the masonry materials have been completely cured. It is caused by ongoing exposure to water, which penetrates the masonry surface and dissolves the salts within, which them rise to the surface and leave behind the ugly white deposits. This kind of efflorescence is much harder to get rid and may need professional services and the use of specialized cleaning chemicals, such as Efflo-Go for efflorescence removal.

Softwashing is a cleaning method for the exterior surfaces of a home that employs low-pressure water to ensure that surface is not damaged. Thus, this kind of cleaning is suitable for more fragile surfaces that can be damaged if the regular pressure washing method is used. Most of the time, using high pressure is sufficient to get rid of the dirt, dust, gums, mold, mud, and other unwanted substances on the surface being cleaned. However, for fragile surfaces, softwashing is needed.

Softwashing relies on cleaning solutions to effectively kill bacteria, mold, mildew, moss, and other microorganisms. The cleaning solution is composed of bleach, surfactant, and water. Softwashing is suitable for: roof shingles; windows; glass doors; lanais; screens; patio enclosures; stucco; coquina; vinyl siding; cedar shake siding; wood panel siding; and outdoor furniture.

There are several advantages of softwashing. First of all, it can be used to clean those hard-to-reach places of the exterior of the home. This is because from the ground, the water would be able to reach as high as 50 feet. This means there will be no need for ladders, scaffolding, or extension poles to reach those hard-to-reach areas like the roof or gutters. Second, softwashing means there is less potential damage to the exterior of the home. Using high pressure water to clean windows or roof shingles may result into broken glass, granular loss, or removal of the roof’s coating. Third, softwashing can offer a longer lasting clean because high pressure washing doesn’t always get rid of all the mold, algae, mildew, or moss. Fourth, softwashing requires less labor compared to pressure washing. Fifth, it is possible to avoid accidents and safety hazards. Sixth, the cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly. And finally, getting rid of the mold, dirt, grime, pollen, and other unwanted microorganisms can result into a healthier home environment.

Southeast Softwash LLC originated in 1987 when owner and manager Coty Yarbrough’s father Lane Yarbrough started investigating why the asphalt shingles for roofing would begin to have unsightly black streaks after a few years. He started to experiment on how to clean roofs and his first successful roof cleaning was on their own house in 1988. With the help of a chemist working in the roofing company where he was employed, he was able to come up with appropriate chemicals for washing. It was then called “low pressure washing,” and it is now known as “softwashing” and Southeast Softwash also created an equipment manufacturing division in 2018, developing and introducing softwashing equipment.

Those who would like to know more about the softwashing chemicals, such as the Efflo-Go! for removing efflorescence on brick, can go to the Southeast Softwash LLC website or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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