Santa Rosa Personal Injury Lawyer.Com Assists With Personal Injury Cases

April 11, 2023 at 21:56

CA based would like to reach out to Santa Rosa residents who may be in need of assistance with personal injury cases. The firm has seen a great deal of success, having collected over $250 million for Northern California injury victims over the years, and they stand ready to commit their ingenuity and legal resources on behalf of Santa Rosa clients.

“Working with a personal injury attorney after an accident can save you time and hassle,” the firm says. “You will no longer have to handle all of these communications on your own, which is something that many people find themselves doing because they are too busy fighting for their rights as well as those who were involved in the crash or just need some guidance managing everything going forward. When there’s someone else handling your case for your, you can finally allow yourself to relax and perhaps even focus more on your health and overall recovery. With us overseeing your case, you will no longer have to constantly be in a state of stress as you wonder what your next step will be.” personal injury attorney

Negotiating with insurance companies can be very difficult, especially considering the fact that these organizations are out for profit. understands how insurance companies do all they can to avoid paying anything — and how difficult getting compensation can be. With the help of an experienced attorney, it is possible to force insurance companies to pay adequate compensation. Some of the cases the firm has handled include injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, insurance claim denials, pet attacks, slip and fall injuries and more.

The reason many people are so anxious about dealing with personal injury cases is the fact that being injured costs money. Medical bills, the cost of repairing a vehicle and other fees of this nature can have a severely damaging effect on a personal injury victim’s finances. The Santa Rosa firm understands this, so they make it so that their clients are only required to pay if fails to win the case. Their no-fee guarantee ensures that the client is not burdened by legal fees if their case is unsuccessful.

The firm has helped dozens of clients with their personal injury cases. Currently, holds a stellar rating online, with many of the firm’s clients leaving excellent reviews of their services. The firm assures clients that they will be treated fairly and receive fair compensation from their insurance company — and they have made good on this promise many times over the years.

“When I was rear ended in a car accident, Chris at the Santa Rosa Personal Injury Law office helped me through everything,” says a review from S. Stevens. “He is very knowledgeable and walked with ease through this difficult time of crisis for myself as well as my family members who were also victims, during which we experienced many hardships because there’s no way anyone should go through something like that alone! The entire staff has integrity, which shows how much they care about their clients’ wellbeing. I recommend them without hesitation if you need any legal assistance whatsoever.”

Another client says about their experience with, “I can’t thank Chris Krankemann enough for all that he has done to help me. His office was the first place I went when it became clear my injury wasn’t simple, and they have treated me like family ever since! Not only did they take care of sending an investigator out on site immediately after getting hit so we could get some evidence collected in order, but this is also where things got really good — not one month later, medical bills started coming through pretty promptly every week while investigators checked up with us regularly too, even lending a hand by advancing money against future payouts if necessary (which came right back).” is always happy to help people fight for the compensation they deserve following personal injury. For more information on personal injury and how can help, visit the firm’s website or speak to one of their representatives via phone or email.


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