Roof Replacement & Repair Expert: Why The Time Is Right To Go Solar

April 12, 2023 at 16:12

Concord, CA based Bay Valley Roofing is helping homeowners and businesses in the area to take the next step towards energy independence and a greener economy. The company has noted a significant uptick in interest in the solar industry in recent years, but it claims that many are still sitting on this great opportunity instead of capitalizing on it.

“If you’re building a new property,” the company says, “your contractor would not be worth your time if they didn’t bring solar power to your attention and consider making it a core aspect of your infrastructure. This is true for homes as well as businesses, and there are a number of reasons why you should make solar a high priority if you have the means and are in a suitable location. In nearly every case, the numbers will add up in your favor, particularly here in the state of California. From a financial and personal standpoint, it just makes sense.”

Previously, the company notes, solar power was derided for its aesthetic, but recent trends have shown that the public is swiftly coming to appreciate its unique appearance in greater numbers. This is greatly bolstered by the fact that a number of other options are becoming available on the market, not just raised solar panels. One of the most prominent of the new arrivals, in fact, are solar shingles, which lie flush with the roof and boast a number of other advantages. Bay Valley Roofing is proud to confirm that it carries GAF Timberline Solar, a leader in the field of solar shingles. It is also GAF-Certified, making it a trusted name for installations.

Aesthetic appeal aside, most will want to know whether the promise of solar has finally been realized: a property that can exist wholly off-the-grid. Bay Valley Roofing says that not only has this been a reality for quite some time in many situations, advances in supporting technologies now mean that a property will likely remain powered even with little-to-no sunlight. Solar power efficiency and power storage technologies have come a long way, and it is easier than ever to minimize a property’s reliance on the traditional grid, if not eliminate it outright.

This is supported by the fact that solar power is more affordable than ever before. With rising demand and stiff competition between manufacturers racing to produce better products, the once unthinkable investment in solar has dropped by a considerable degree. Today, solar roofing boasts a longevity that is measured in decades, and many properties find their investment paid off in utility savings over this period.

Bay Valley Roofing states that its status as a GAF-Certified roofer means it can offer customers products from one of the top names in the industry: GAF Energy is known across the country for its GAF Timberline Solar brand, a product the manufacturer is so confident in that it offers an impressive 25-year warranty for Solar Power Output and against manufacturing defects that cause leaks. This warranty also provides 15 years of coverage against wind damage (caused by winds up to 130 mph). It automatically comes into effect the moment the roof is installed and does not require the customer to opt in or pay more for coverage.

“We only use GAF Timberline Solar when installing solar shingles,” the roofer confirms. “We deliberately avoid retro-fitting, and we rely exclusively on our core team to complete every installation. When you invest in Bay Valley Roofing, you get our team and no one else. We will not trust your house or business to the hands of subcontractors.”

Bay Valley Roofing is an old company that aims to place itself at the bleeding edge of the roofing industry at all times. While products need rigorous testing to prove their worth, the company says there are years of expertise behind products like GAF Timberline Solar, and their warranties ensure that a customer’s faith in the future will always be rewarded. All roofs, the company says, will one day implement solar technology as the world moves to a greener and less wasteful tomorrow. Today, Bay Valley Roofing is proud to do its part to help customers take that step towards the future.

Those interested in the technology may be pleased to learn that the installation of shingles and solar panels can be done in unison if so desired. They are advised, however, to consult with Bay Valley Roofing’s experts to determine exactly how much power their property can generate with an ideal configuration. Talk to the team here: Contact Us.


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