Rock Hill Podiatrist Uses Plantar Wart Treatment To Remove Warts

July 15, 2022 at 17:54

Rock Hill, SC based InStride Foot & Ankle Specialists would like to announce the addition of the Saorsa wart removal system to their treatment roster. The new system will greatly improve their wart removal services and further cement their place as leaders in podiatric care. With their highly trained podiatric care specialists and advanced equipment, InStride is ready to tackle any and all foot and ankle-related issues, and their new wart removal system means that there is almost no issue that they cannot handle. Their website can be found at

As their name implies, plantar warts develop on the plantar areas of the feet. These are the areas that bear weight, namely the soles or the bottoms of the feet. They sometimes grow in clusters, forming what are known as mosaic warts, and while usually harmless, they can be very painful and require professional help to remove or otherwise manage.

“Plantar warts can develop when a virus enters through the skin, often by a cut or scrape,” says InStride. “They’re contagious and typically spread in locations that include public swimming pools and communal showers as well as your shower at home. Gym facilities and yoga studios may also be more susceptible to plantar wart breakouts due to their publicly shared spaces. Plantar warts are commonly found among children and those with weaker immune systems. To tell if you have plantar warts, you should check the soles of your feet for bumpy growths. Sometimes these growths may come with a tiny black dot in the center. You may also have plantar warts if you experience pain when walking or standing up. Since plantar warts are easily confused with other foot conditions like corns or calluses, it’s important you seek professional help for proper treatment.”

With their new wart removal system, InStride gains the ability to quickly, easily, safely and painlessly remove warts from their clients’ feet. Plantar warts can be very uncomfortable, both physically and in terms of appearance, and this makes it very important to seek out treatment whenever they appear. Fortunately, the best place to seek treatment is still with one of the top foot and ankle specialists in the area.

Instride’s services are not limited to warts, however, and they have the ability to help with any of a dozen other issues. One incredibly common issue that they handle is Athlete’s Foot. This is a fungal infection that is often spread through direct skin to skin contact as well as indirect contact. The condition causes dryness, cracking, flakiness and a long list of other symptoms that can be very uncomfortable or even painful. It can even spread from toe to toe. A professional diagnosis followed by professional treatment makes athlete’s foot almost a non-issue, and InStride has the tools and expertise needed to treat the condition professionally. Get in contact through the following link for more:

“Our mission is to achieve excellence in all we do, starting with how we treat you, our patient,” says InStride. “All InStride physicians are bound by a common desire to provide the highest quality care possible throughout the entire patient experience. We are quickly becoming the largest provider of foot and ankle services in the Carolinas, and in spite of our growth, our goal remains the same — provide a friendly, compassionate environment focused on individual patient care. InStride Foot & Ankle Specialists are the premier podiatrists in the Carolinas. When you seek help from an InStride physician, you will find a personable, resourceful doctor who will listen to you and value you as a person. He or she will give you advice for the best treatment for your foot problem taking into consideration your lifestyle and your budget. We will educate you about your particular problem so you can be an informed decision maker, and feel that you are working with your podiatrist to find the best solution — tailor-made just for you.”

InStride focuses on wellness through mobility, and thanks to their understanding of the importance of keeping active, they are committed to greatly improving the lives of their patients. For more information and regular updates visit


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