ReVIDA Recovery® Ready to Battle Opioids in Greeneville, TN

June 09, 2022 at 21:29

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. – ReVIDA Recovery®, a network of treatment centers in Tennessee and Virginia, has opened a new facility in Greeneville, Tenn., that has set its sights on changing the lives of thousands of Tennesseans by offering world-class buprenorphine (Suboxone®) treatment to those struggling with opioid addiction.

Between Tennessee and Virginia, more than 2,500 people die each year from an opioid overdose. Officials at ReVIDA Recovery® Greeneville believe that with their treatment, this number can drop dramatically.

New Clinic Will Offer Medication-Assisted Treatment

“There is no easy way to leave opioids. That is clear,” a ReVIDA Recovery® Greeneville spokesperson said. “We offer Suboxone® to help those in our community start on the path to recovery. It is scientifically proven, and recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, that Suboxone® and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can improve chances of survival, keep people in treatment, improve pregnancy outcomes, improve employment opportunities, and lower opioid consumption.”

Buprenorphine (Suboxone®) helps to curb the symptoms of withdrawal while allowing people to learn the skills and habits necessary to live a life without opioids. “By offering this evidence-based treatment, ReVIDA is working to create happier and healthier lives for many here in Southeast Tennessee,” the spokesperson said.

Along with offering MAT as a form of treatment, ReVIDA also offers therapy in a one-on-one setting with a licensed therapist to give patients the tools needed to deal with things like trauma, goal-setting, family conflict, communication, and emotions.

“When they first come to the ReVIDA Greeneville facility, patients meet in a series of short appointments with a physician, therapist, and a patient care coordinator,” the spokesperson said. “These appointments can be finished in as little as 15 minutes’ time each and allow for life-changing treatment in a timely manner.”

ReVIDA Recovery® Centers promote safe and healthy communities by empowering people to reclaim their lives from opioid use disorder. They have helped patients overcome their addictions to many medications, such as codeine, Percocet®, Vicodin®, and OxyContin®.


For more information about ReVIDA Recovery® Greenville, contact the company here:

ReVIDA Recovery® Greenville
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