Professional Landscaping And Tree Care Available In Pembroke Pines

August 09, 2023 at 16:13

Pembroke Pines, FL based EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is providing a comprehensive landscaping and tree care service to local residents and businesses. The company specializes in working closely with clients to achieve their goals while taking the needs of the local environment into account at every step.

One of the major advantages a client will want to choose EPS Landscaping & Tree Service for is the sheer breadth of services the company offers. Where other providers may only be involved in tree pruning service, tree trimming service, tree removal and so on, EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is capable of doing all of these tasks as well as a great deal more. For instance, many clients have already had the pleasure of seeing the company’s results in lawn care, landscape design, sod installation, sprinkler system installation, irrigation, pest/weed control and so on.

“If the environment around your home needs work,” the company states, “you can rest assured that EPS Landscaping & Tree Service can handle it for you. We bring over 20 years of experience in the industry to every job in the South Florida Tri-County area, and we are accustomed to earning clients for life once they see what we can do. For all your tree care and landscaping needs, trust EPS Landscaping & Tree Service. You won’t regret it.”

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is also a family owned-and-operated business, which means the team retains a cohesive insight on what the community needs and what constitutes a great service — especially for homeowners. As a result, quality and honesty form the cornerstones of every service the company provides, and this is reflected in the feedback EPS Landscaping & Tree Service has received from the community.

“Tim was absolutely wonderful to work with,” shares Katie P. “He and his crew were extremely professional and courteous. They fixed my very old sprinkler system, replaced the pump, replaced the timer and put down new grass in the whole front yard. The quality of the grass and the way it was laid is amazing. I've had so many compliments. They did everything in two days and worked very hard. I highly recommend them.”

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service works hard to maintain this reputation by pursuing customer satisfaction wherever possible. While certain jobs can be more challenging than others, the company is always ready to rise to the occasion, and they strongly believe in supporting a client’s vision as much as possible. They also believe in making sure all communication is open, honest and clear no matter what is required.

Florida’s climate makes it an excellent region to enjoy the benefits of tropical landscaping, for instance, but this option can come with certain complications (in the planning stage and beyond) that can make a project more stressful. In time, inefficient planning can also diminish how much a resident is able to enjoy their landscaping, owing to excessive, unnecessary maintenance work and so on. This means it is vital for a tropical landscaping job to be done right, with respect to a property’s existing layout and more.

According to the landscaping service in Pembroke Pines, tropical landscapes are known for featuring large, vibrant leaves, lava rock, island-style decor and distinct water features, such as pools or even mock waterfalls. However, all the plant life has to be carefully selected to ensure it can thrive, especially since tropical landscaping typically calls for a large variety of specimens to be included, leading to a more complicated care routine.

Naturally, EPS Landscaping & Tree Service can perform this care themselves, taking on all responsibility on behalf of the client. However, the company does recommend that clients learn more about their plants and their associated care when possible. For instance, when planning an installation, the team has to factor in sunlight availability — down to the distance between plant pots. Knowing this can ensure the client will not inadvertently harm the installation’s overall health.

Whatever a resident may wish done for their property, they can rely on EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC to take care of it professionally and courteously. The company’s services can be scheduled over the phone, and clients are welcome to get in touch today to learn more about the various options on offer.


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