Primary Care Doctors Offer Affordable Healthcare In South Carolina

April 25, 2023 at 21:08

Duncan, South Carolina -

Duncan, SC based Carolina Health & Aesthetics is pleased to offer comprehensive, conscientious care to every patient who walks through their doors. The clinic sees both children and adults, and their patient-focused service is designed to ensure everyone receives as much attention as they need. See more here:

“We offer high-quality care to everyone,” the clinic states, “and while most appointments take 30 minutes, we’re happy to work with you for 60, 90 or however long it takes to give you the care you need. We also understand that healthcare has unfortunately become synonymous with health insurance, and we want to assure you that we are taking a different approach. With us, there is no insurer to deal with. With us, the only priority is you.”

At Carolina Health & Aesthetics, a patient has the opportunity to make use of the clinic’s membership benefits. While the clinic has many community-focused goals, one of their top objectives was to make healthcare more accessible for the average person. Since this meant getting rid of insurers, the new membership system simply requires a small, monthly fee instead. Notably, everyone pays a flat rate for their care, regardless of their prior conditions, and this also means the clinic’s patients do not have to cope with exorbitant premiums simply for being sick.

There are many benefits to being a member with Carolina Health & Aesthetics. To begin with, it is much easier to schedule an office visit if a patient believes they need medical attention. In other situations, many may have become accustomed to scheduling visits weeks or even months in advance, which is hardly helpful when they need immediate care. With a Carolina Health & Aesthetics membership, however, they are far more likely to get a next-day appointment. Thanks to their membership, the patient will also not be charged for this appointment. Learn more here:

The clinic discovered early on that communication was a vital component of healthcare accessibility. As a result, members are encouraged to get in touch with the clinic by whatever means is most convenient to them. Some may call or email, and others may send text messages or request a video conference. It is entirely up to the patient, and the clinic has taken several steps to support all these facilities.

Carolina Health & Aesthetics adds that they are constantly working on new ways to reduce the costs patients have to deal with. Some annual lab tests, for instance, are completely free, and the clinic has negotiated with partners so that they can offer wholesale rates for the remainder. While they have yet to achieve this where medications are concerned, patients can rest assured that the team is fighting hard to make them more affordable as well.

This also reflects on the clinic’s overall payment structure. Hospitals and other healthcare providers around the country have an unfortunate reputation for embellishing costs, requiring a whole other industry of professionals whose sole task is to negotiate these costs down on the patient’s behalf. Making matters worse, these massive fees are often hidden within complex invoices that patients will find hard to comprehend, thereby making it harder for them to advocate for themselves as well. None of this is a problem at Carolina Health & Aesthetics.

“We want you to understand exactly what you’re getting into,” the clinic states. “When you are injured or sick, your primary concern should be your recovery, not stressing over bills. Carolina Health & Aesthetics attempts to make it easier on you by providing clear, concise invoices that are informative no matter how much — or how little — experience you have with the healthcare industry. There are no hidden fees. You will always know exactly what you’re paying and exactly what you’re getting.”

Carolina Health & Aesthetics helps patients address a number of conditions, from asthma and diabetes to stress, sun damage, wrinkles and more. They have several affordable options for the community to choose from, including plans for individuals, children and families. More information on the conditions they can help with is available here:


For more information about Carolina Health & Aesthetics, contact the company here:

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