Premier Substance Abuse Counseling Available Near Me

March 30, 2022 at 19:58

Reseda, California -

Reseda, CA based Circle of Hope wishes to reassure their community that the center’s premier substance abuse counseling services will always be available. While recent challenges have compelled many organizations to restructure their services, Circle of Hope remains committed to their community’s well being, and they consider counseling to be an invaluable component of their contributions. Notably, this applies to the entirety of the center's continuum of care, which comes highly acclaimed for its effectiveness and conscientious nature.

Circle of Hope offers a variety of programs that are designed to help people break free of addiction as well as give their loved ones the tools they need to support this journey. Businesses and organizations are by no means the only parties finding it difficult to survive, and this potentially means that more people are at risk of falling into an addiction as a means to cope. Should that occur, however, Circle of Hope invites these individuals to reach out to discuss what they can do to get their lives back on track.

A happy family shows the positive results of substance abuse counseling near me at Circle of Hope Treatment

Substance abuse counseling is one of the staples of Circle of Hope’s services, and it has proved exceptionally helpful for their clients. This service refers to a combination of treatment and support that aims to help people break free from drug or alcohol addiction. While the center recommends that clients engage with a number of services according to their specific needs, this type of counseling tends to be an integral part of their treatment. During substance abuse counseling, they may undergo talk therapy sessions, discuss the causes of addiction, practice skills and behaviors necessary for recovery, develop positive coping strategies as well as treatment goals and plans and more. Circle of Hope’s licensed addiction counselors or substance abuse counselors may also refer them to an appropriate 12-step program or group.

Circle of Hope emphasizes that each client is unique and will require a personalized treatment plan in order to help them achieve (and maintain) sobriety. As beneficial as substance abuse counseling is, it should not be considered the sole option for treatment, particularly for cases where the patient has been struggling with an addiction for an extended period. Fortunately, clients may trust their well-being entirely in the hands of Circle of Hope’s experienced staff. Recommendations and advice will be shared during their initial meetings and consultations.

The Reseda center notes that many people even travel from out of state to engage with their programs because they are looking for the best services they can find. While this is not always necessary (due to the fact that there are many capable organizations providing treatment across the US), Circle of Hope acknowledges that there are certain benefits to traveling for rehab. In many cases, the client may be traveling simply because the out-of-state rehab is still the closest provider within their insurer’s network. On a more personal note, however, the mere act of traveling far from home or entering an unfamiliar environment can set an individual in the mindset for starting anew. Their physical journey, in this case, can be analogous to their journey towards recovery.

Circle of Hope adds that moving away can put literal distance between the individual and their triggers, helping reduce the desire to use drugs and alcohol again. Since they are no longer exposed to the people, places and situations that contributed to their substance abuse, they may find it less taxing to maintain their sobriety.

The center adds that people who travel for rehab are often more likely to finish their treatment as well. Recovery is a tough, arduous process that requires the individual to address the root of their unhealthy emotions and thought processes. This can seem to be an insurmountable challenge at times (even though it is not), and those who go to a local rehab facility will have a much easier time simply walking out and returning home. When they are out of state, however, the challenge of returning alone can give them the space they need to collect themselves and keep pushing forward towards sobriety.

There are many other benefits to traveling for rehab, but Circle of Hope clarifies that attending a local rehab facility has its perks as well. They recommend that each individual examine their options well before making a decision. In most cases, the individual and their loved ones have to approach healing from addiction as a family, and both local and out-of–state rehabs can accomplish this in different ways.

Anyone in need of top-tier addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one is cordially invited to inquire by phone to the compassionate Admissions staff at Circle of Hope at any time.


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