Pasadena Tree Services Partners with A Non-Governmental Organization to Plant Trees in Pasadena and Its Suburbs

December 21, 2022 at 21:14

Pasadena, California - To restore the forests in Pasadena and the entire neighborhood, Pasadena Tree Services earlier today announced that it had partnered with a non-governmental organization to plant trees.

The CEO revealed that California Environmental Volunteers—the non-governmental organization—joined the movement after Pasadena Tree Services had already started planting trees in Pasadena. He also noted that the company started the move with the hope of other tree care companies joining.

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“The forests that were there in Pasadena and the neighborhood in the 1980s are no longer there,” said Pasadena Tree Services CEO. “To take the region back to its former state, tree care companies have to do something. To lead as an example to the rest, Pasadena Tree Services decided to start planting trees here in Pasadena. Luckily, California Environmental Volunteers, a non-governmental organization, noticed Pasadena Tree Service’s efforts and decided to join.”

The CEO revealed that California Environmental Volunteers had been working in a better part of California to restore the forests. He added that people and animals were the biggest enemies of California Environmental Volunteers' projects.

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“California Environmental Volunteers is an organization that works extra hard to improve the environment,” said the CEO. “They had worked in many parts of California to restore the forests. The team revealed that some of their efforts to restore the forests were successful while others failed terribly. This failure was caused by people and animals tampering with the trees before they grew.”

The CEO revealed that the main reason why California Environmental Volunteers hadn’t introduced their forest restoration earlier in Pasadena was because of lack of support.

“Since California Environmental Volunteers hadn’t shown any interest in restoring forests in Pasadena and the neighborhood earlier,” said the CEO, “Pasadena Tree Services management decided to ask the reasons behind that. The team responded that they lacked support. The team did not work in areas where they hadn’t found good tree care companies to partner with in restoration. Learning about Pasadena Tree Services was all that the team needed to get started.”

The CEO revealed that they were aiming at planting 10,000 trees every month in the next one year. He added that the progress will be shared with homeowners via the company’s media room.

“In the next 1 year,” said the CEO, “the partnership goal is to have planted 120,000 trees in Pasadena and its neighborhood. The two companies have enough employees to plant the trees. The company will be sharing the progress made via Pasadena Tree Services Google site.”

The CEO then urged homeowners to make their bookings with Pasadena Tree Services to make the forest restoration a success. He also noted that Pasadena Tree Services will continue offering good services on time.

“Since a lot of money will be needed to plant the trees,” said the CEO, “Pasadena Tree Services urges homeowners to make their bookings with the company to make it easier to raise the money needed. However, this does not mean that the company will increase the tree care service charges. Homeowners will continue enjoying high-quality services at affordable prices. Also, homeowners should be sure to receive tree care services on time—the new project won’t interfere with how the company operates. Therefore, homeowners can freely order even emergency tree care services with Pasadena Tree Services.”

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