Orlando Preschool The Learning Center of South Park Is Offering A Unique Preschool Curriculum

January 18, 2022 at 18:13

Orlando parents wondering how to choose a South Park preschool are should look at the services and facilities provided by The Learning Center of South Park. This popular Orlando preschool offers all the advantages of a preschool at the convenience and affordability of a daycare or child care center.

The preschool prides itself on its handcrafted curriculum that encompasses teaching methodologies that focus on children's social and emotional development and incorporate sensory, language/communications, and cognitive skills for the child's overall development. The center's early childhood learning program includes a formal classroom environment with a dedicated, nurturing, and playful home-like setting. The preschoolers go through a daily schedule that allows them to play and explore with their peers in safe and productive ways. The center offers Orlando preschoolers the opportunity to learn physical development, make friends, and learn how to manage feelings such as anger or sadness to mold them into becoming emotionally responsible and resilient.

Director Helen Batie

The center's preschool curriculum builds on the interests of the children rather than being defined by the teachers. Their unique approach lets children chart their own journey through the exciting waters of educational growth. It is designed to bring out the unique qualities and abilities hidden within all children and help them excel in their self-chosen pathways to knowledge and maturity.

At the core of the preschool's teaching technique is a unique curriculum. The Learning Center makes the central assumption that children are active learners who learn best through activities they design and carry out themselves. The precepts of their curriculum state that teachers must comprehend how children mentally build the world and how these mental constructions affect their growth, children's ideas and behaviors should be encouraged rather than directed. Children must be able to choose what they wish to accomplish daily. The child's daily schedule must serve as the foundation for instruction, and certain essential events are necessary for a child's early intellectual development.

The curriculum comprises five vital ingredients that promote Active Learning. These include each child's supplies, manipulation of such materials, the fact that the child chooses the resources, the child's selected and utilized words, and the inclusion of adults or peers who provide support and encourage the child to reflect on their behavior. The goals of the curriculum state that preschoolers' developing abilities should be supported and expanded. Active learning should be encouraged. Children should be in charge of planning and carrying out the activities. The preschool should provide a direct encounter with real things and the application of logical reasoning to those experiences. The preschool should create and stick to a daily schedule upon which the children and their parents can rely.

A spokesperson for the preschool talks about its role in promoting children's learning and development by saying, "Children are God's gift, and with each child, the hope for all of humanity is born again. We sincerely believe this with all our hearts, and we do our best to make sure that every child gets the learning experience suited to their liking and capabilities. We have children from all age groups relying on our services, and we do our best to nurture every child with the care and attention they deserve. We do so by eschewing the one size fits all philosophy and instead focusing on tailoring our output to match the needs of every gifted and precious individual in our care. Our staff is our primary strength as we only pick the most highly educated professionals who have a deep understanding of child psychology that is only surpassed by their love for children and the educational process."

Readers can learn more about The Learning Center of South Park, its curriculum, location, and fees by heading over to its website. Readers can also check out one of its blogs at the link - 5 Tips On How To Find Best Preschools In Orlando for more information about picking the right preschool.


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