NexGen Fleet Management Software Now Available from Fleet Cost & Care

October 03, 2022 at 16:47

Fleet Cost & Care is an innovative and progressive Detroit, Michigan company that is always looking to improve upon its already solid lineup of fleet management software. A software lineup that includes this company’s highly popular Atom mobile application for fleet management. Now, Fleet Cost & Care is proud to announce that its latest fleet software management creation, a software program that the company calls NexGen, is available for purchase. Its technology the company believes represents the future of fleet management as it's designed to help fleet managers unleash the full potential of their cranes and other heavy equipment rental options.

Jeff Curran, the president of Fleet Cost & Care, says, “We have been working with fleet managers for many years now trying to develop software that enables them to do their jobs more efficiently. Our company does this because we recognize how difficult a task managing heavy equipment rentals can be without the proper software support. We consider our NexGen desktop fleet management software to be the ideal tool to help heavy equipment rental managers save time, improve accuracy, ensure safety, and increase revenue. The most notable aspect of our NexGen fleet management software is that it was created by heavy equipment fleet owners to help solve problems that are specific to their line of work.”

Curran went on to talk about how the company’s NexGen software works. It's software that focuses on helping heavy equipment rental managers in 6 core fleet management areas. Something that starts with the all-important function of quoting. Creating and tracking quotes is the best way to ensure an ongoing sales pipeline. NexGen software allows fleet managers to quickly create quotes which allow them extra time to concentrate on other heavy equipment rental matters. He also mentioned that the NexGen desktop fleet management software is the perfect tool to help with scheduling. This includes scheduling regarding personnel as well as equipment. It helps improve the accuracy of scheduling which, in turn, will significantly cut down on errors.

When looking to rent cranes and other heavy equipment the NexGen software will quickly display equipment and personnel availability along with making sure the proper support equipment and certifications are in place to get the deal done. The company owner mentioned that safety is always kept at the forefront with this desktop fleet management system. That’s because it can perform such important safety functions as tracking, monitoring, and maintaining important certifications. It even has a mechanism to warn a fleet manager a scheduled rental is not in compliance because an employee or piece of heavy equipment does not have the proper certification to meet the job requirements.

The company president went on to say that a big part of the NexGen software program is its built-in fleet service function. Something paramount when it comes to properly maintaining cranes and other pieces of hard-working heavy equipment. It does this by doing such tasks as monitoring when preventative maintenance needs to be performed and by tracking ongoing repairs. There are even ways for a fleet manager to be notified by the system when preventative maintenance is upcoming or past due. Reporting is another fleet management function that is fully covered with this latest desktop software from Fleet Cost & Care. This feature helps fleet managers and support personnel analyze important data that can lead to such things as better profitability in the future. Detailed reports can also be created on everything from equipment usage to revenue. He mentioned there is also a NexGen feature that allows for integration with accounting, GPS, and other important 3rd party systems.

Curran stated that those heavy equipment rental managers who want more information on their fleet management software options can send them an email, contact them by phone, or refer to their website. He reminded that they are also highly qualified fleet management consultants that have the knowledge and resources in place to help any heavy equipment rental company maximize the earning potential of their cranes and the other fleet equipment in their inventory.


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