New Custom Cycling Jersey USA Collection - Team Kits MTB Jersey Bike Apparel Launched

January 21, 2022 at 22:20

Lincoln, Nebraska -

Champion System USA, based in Lincoln, Nebraska, is pleased to bring their industry-leading cycling wear to athletes and brands across the US.

One of the company’s foremost strengths is its ability to combine striking designs with high-tech garment construction, and this has squarely put them on the path to becoming the world’s leading supplier of custom sports apparel. Learn more on

Custom Cycling Jersey USA

As any cyclist knows, their equipment can make all the difference when it comes to performance, be it in extended training sessions or a championship race. While many new cyclists will likely think only of their bikes when it comes to high-performance equipment, Champion System USA and experienced racers have long known that they should give as much attention to their apparel. Fortunately, more and more cyclists are learning to choose their apparel with the same degree of care as they enter the sport, and the company is proud to place their extensive experience in materials in serious cyclists’ hands.

The company’s Apex jerseys offer a complete, close fit, which makes it invaluable for both racing and hard training. Champion System USA has taken its fit and cut a step further by introducing a set-in sleeve across their Apex range, as previously announced. Furthermore, it features Ozone fabric for the sleeves and side panels, enhancing temperature regulation and comfort. Finally, a series of relatively minor (but no less useful) upgrades help make these jerseys a favourite with every cyclist who tries them out. These include reflective strips on the jerseys’ reinforced rear pockets, a specially designed waterproof pocket for fragile belongings, and silicone front and rear grippers that stabilize the jersey while the cyclist is in motion.

Champion System boasts a broad list of new technical features and customization options for its 2022 custom cycling jersey USA collection.

Notably, Champion System USA offers a plethora of custom details—all of which are part of the garment price. These include options for female- and male-specific cuts, arm and leg lengths, chamois, collar height, and safety-related adjustments. Combined with the company’s low, flexible minimums, all these make for premium-quality cycling jerseys customers can swiftly get their hands on with minimal hassle.

The company is also proud to offer a lifetime quality guarantee and free crash replacement (jerseys are replaced for free if excessively damaged in accidents or anything else).

Champion System USA’s commitment to athletes is absolute, and every action they take is in pursuit of supporting their sport. This is also evident from how well they take into account athletes’ changes in physique over the course of their training. If an athlete changes apparel sizes while on their fitness journey, the company rewards this dedication and provides them with a correctly sized garment—for free.

The other half of Champion System USA’s winning formula is how seamlessly they tie branding into their jerseys’ creation. Customers can collaborate with the company’s experienced designers to create their own brand, limited only by imagination. Designs can come in as many colors as required, and their team is always pleased to walk customers through the process. They can help with creating the design, selecting the appropriate garments, setting up customers’ accounts, and even making the final purchase through the company’s interactive design and order portal.

Notably, all garment pricing is inclusive of unlimited artwork, delivery, and goods and services tax (GST). The team also requires no more than a simple idea or concept to set the framework for their design efforts—many customers submit sketches or reference photos for this purpose.

Despite being US-owned and operated, Champion System USA has more than 15 years of experience on the world stage (and at least a decade in the US). They always look forward to delivering the superior quality and service their customers seek. Those interested may direct their inquiries to Cait Dumas-Hein of Champion System USA. For more information, please visit


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