Monmouth County Estate Planning Lawyer Christine Matus Explains the Importance of Having a Healthcare Proxy

October 12, 2022 at 17:33

Monmouth County estate planning lawyer Christine Matus ( releases a new article explaining the importance of having a healthcare proxy in New Jersey. The lawyer mentions that there may be a time in a person’s life when they will need the help of someone else to make important decisions for them in critical situations. A healthcare proxy will appoint someone for such situations when a person would want or needs someone to decide for them.

According to the Monmouth County estate planning lawyer, “A health care proxy, or medical power of attorney, is a legal instrument that allows another trusted individual to make health care decisions for you cannot do it for yourself. Unlike a living will, a health care proxy will give your agent or “proxy” as much or as little latitude as you are comfortable with in making important decisions about your medical care.”

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The lawyer mentions that even with a close family nearby, competing opinions can delay important decisions that may have to be made in emergency situations. A healthcare proxy can give one person the authority to make these decisions on behalf of another. However, a healthcare proxy does not outline specific actions so it is important for those involved to discuss and understand what the owner’s wishes are.

Attorney Christine Matus adds that the owner of the healthcare proxy should name a person who they know very well to act on their behalf. They must trust that person to make decisions for them when the time comes. Family members often weigh-in in times of emergency but one person should have the ultimate authority to make decisions for the owner of the healthcare proxy.

“When considering a proxy, you will want to name someone you not only trust but someone willing to take on the responsibility. This should be someone who is not only responsible and can weigh important consequences but also someone who can be decisive without getting embroiled in family dynamics,” the estate planning attorney says in the article.

Attorney Matus further explains that a skilled and experienced estate planning lawyer may be able to help clients make informed decisions about how to create a healthcare proxy. A skilled attorney can help clients ensure that all documents are legally binding and correctly drafted.

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