Mindmachines.com Announces New Roshiwave 2.0 Mind Machine

May 08, 2023 at 17:29

Mindmachines.com is happy to announce the new Roshiwave 2.0, which is an improved version of the original Roshiwave mind machine that serves as a “digital compass” for the brain by gently normalizing brain waves to guide the mind into sublime meditative state without conscious effort. This machine can serve as the user’s personal master of Zen, allowing a person to enter an inner world of peace and clarity where time is not relevant, effortlessly. RoshiWave is utilized by almost 100 clinicians in various places around the world as a replacement for the classic ROSHI devices that can no longer be purchased.

The RoshiWave 2.0 comes with several improvements. First of all, it has improved classic mode that are very easy to navigate and use. Second, it is provided with the XD mode, which is the most complex Roshi stimulation mode to date. Third, its mode library has almost tripled in size. Fourth, all of the classic mode are now fully emulated along with new modes. Fifth, the BB and 2+ modes have been provided with enhanced resolution. Sixth, the Roshiwave 2 mode has been introduced. Lastly, the new Roshiwave modes are being clinically tested.

roshiwave mind machine

A spokesperson for Mindmachines.com says, “RoshiWave 2.0 is your personal master of Zen waiting to train you to enter the ‘no-time’ and ‘no thinking’ meditative state of mind without conscious effort. Don your RoshiGlasses and enter an inner world of clarity and peace as RoshiWave takes your mind by the hand and leads it to a place only the most experienced lifelong meditators have been. Through a process of ‘dynamic neuro-activation’ RoshiWave dis-entrains the brain and quiets the mind. Inner chatter is silenced, the world falls away and a profound state of peace, relaxation and clarity is reached. Unlike normal meditation practices akin to tediously climbing a tall mountain, the complex RoshiWave signals serve as a ‘digital compass’ leading the user to the top of meditation mountain like a high-tech ski lift. The RoshiWave device contains all of the well-researched classic ROSHI-style protocols plus new multiplexed versions.”

It is important to note that the RoshiWave mind machine is not a medical device. However, its purpose is to boost a person’s peak performance. It doesn’t use the electroencephalogram (EEG) for its pickup but its complex flicker has been programmed to put the brain in a sublime mind state that is fully at rest and attentive, much like the brain of a Zen monk and this is done digitally. In other words, it induces the brain to go towards its “listening” state, in contrast to its “talking” state.

RoshiWave “biases” the brain towards its native operating conditions, to which the neurofeedback trainings can be integrated. The machine sends flickering light that has been especially calibrated to pass through the eyes and into the brain. It employs photostimulation to help “disentrain” the mind to allow it to become free from its unhealthy cyclical patterns. The machine creates an LED flicker that is driven by the original pROSHI Neurodynamic Activator Dynamic Vector Equilibrium algorithms. This presents the brain with a complex set of phase instructions that it has to follow precisely to be able to correct its internal phase vector errors. The outcome is a reduction in the dynamic phase error.

The outcome of disentrainment of the abnormal frequencies in the brain is a quieter mind, which means the inner chatter is silenced and the state of relaxation, peace, and clarity is achieved. This is different from the typical meditation practices in that the complex RoshiWave signals act as a “digital compass” thus allowing the person to achieve the peak of meditation much faster.

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