Manhattan Uncontested Divorce Attorney Ryan Besinque Discusses The Advantages To An Uncontested Divorce

January 18, 2022 at 23:11

Manhattan - Uncontested divorce attorney Ryan Besinque discusses uncontested divorce in his newly released article. The lawyer mentions that while divorce may be difficult, some couples are able to minimize the emotional and financial toll of divorce by reaching an agreement by themselves.

According to the uncontested divorce attorney, “In New York, an uncontested divorce is an option available for couples who are able to work together in order to save money in attorney fees and to bring closure to their divorce in a timely way. When a couple is willing to work together to craft an agreement that is fair to both, a divorce that is uncontested is often the most cost-effective and expeditious option available.”

uncontested divorce attorney

The lawyer mentions that a divorce can be contested or uncontested. However, at times, an uncontested divorce may become a contested divorce if an issue cannot be mutually resolved. The divorce attorney also adds that a truly uncontested divorce is one where both spouses want the divorce and have resolved all their issues with minimal legal intervention.

Additionally, attorney Ryan Besinque says that while couples are able to agree in most areas when it comes to an uncontested divorce, there are still other matters that may need to be negotiated at some point.

In the new article, the lawyer also discusses the advantages of an uncontested divorce. This includes ending a marriage peacefully, the process being less expensive, lessening stressful encounters, and a faster resolution for the divorce process.

The divorce lawyer also mentions that “Divorce is never easy, and even in an uncontested divorce there will be some disagreement. The process is always more simple for couples who have no children and little marital property. That is not to say that a divorce that is uncontested is impossible for those with both property and children. But it will require the couple to agree upon more terms.”

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes that family law can be very complicated and tough. This is why it’s very important to have a skilled divorce lawyer when it comes to navigating a divorce.

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