Kaizen Life Consulting Happy to Provide Small USA Businesses Expert Bookkeeping Services with a Twist

November 07, 2022 at 16:37

Nampa, Idaho-based Kaizen Life Consulting Group is a 20-year-old American company that continues to expand nationally by offering quality business services that are nicely complimented by a more personable way of doing business. Bookkeeping is one of the key areas where the company continues to see high demand for its services across the USA.

The company’s lead consultant, senior bookkeeper, and founder, Kat McGowan, says, “Our focus here at Kaizen Life continues to be and always will be on serving our United States-based customers the right way. We serve businesses and individuals by teaching them to implement foundational principles that lead to life-changing results through our coaching and consulting. Our company truly believes in the power of subtle, sustainable, and effective changes to transform any type of small business. We are led by a dedicated team of financial experts that find fulfillment in helping our client businesses reach financial freedom by taking advantage of our bookkeeping, payroll, and budgeting assistance services. As we help our clients manage some important financial aspects of their businesses, we also strive to encourage a friendlier and more relaxed working atmosphere between us.” She added the latter is something that they at their company like to think of as complimenting quality business services with a pinch of personality and fun just for good measure. It’s that little extra something that she feels helps brings Kaizen Life together with small service-based businesses and small to medium-sized firms and leads to mutually beneficial long-term working relationships being forged between them.

The company’s founder acknowledged that bookkeeping is one of the first and most essential of the Kaizen Life bookkeeping services that they offer to businesses and individuals. It’s also a core business task for even the smallest of businesses that must be done right; something that’s not easy to do given all the nuances that go along with it. Their clients recognize this and that’s why they are so eager to work with her and her team of experts in the field. When a business hires Kaizen Life to handle routine business functions such as bookkeeping, it frees up owners and managers to spend more time helping to grow other core areas of their business.

The company prides itself on avoiding one-size-fits-all bookkeeping services too, as they will develop a tailor-made bookkeeping plan for each client. She also emphasized they are made up of team members from all parts of the USA and that allows them to offer their bookkeeping service to businesses in all 50 states. Their staff members enjoy traveling to meet small business clients and entrepreneurs so they can introduce them to the unique way that Kaizen Life does business. This applies to their financial services as well as their coaching & consulting services. McGowan stated that their bookkeeping, payroll, and coaching services have proven to be a great fit for businesses that have a strong desire to succeed and grow.

Businesses and individuals that have taken advantage of the bookkeeping services the Kaizen Life Consulting Group offers often leave very positive reviews about that working relationship. Adam Blakesley stated, “Working with Kat and her team taking care of my bookkeeping has been a lifesaver. Where I was spending 10 or more hours a month on bookkeeping on top of working, Kat has cut that in half! I didn't enjoy the nitty-gritty details of the bookkeeping, and this has freed me up to spend more time bidding on jobs and spending time with my family as well! The coaching sessions have also been amazing and have added value and structure to my company. I would highly recommend Kaizen Life Consulting Group for all bookkeeping and coaching services!” Steadfast Builders states, “Working with Kat and the team at Kaizen Life has been exceptional. Their expertise in bookkeeping and business operations has been an invaluable service. We recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch bookkeeper and we'd give them more than five stars if we could!”

McGowan invites those that would like more information on their bookkeeping and other business services to check out their website or refer to the Kaizen Life Facebook Profile.


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