Houston Estate Planning Lawyer Whitney L. Thompson Explains The Key to Advance Directives

July 29, 2022 at 19:43

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Houston estate planning lawyer Whitney L. Thompson releases a new article (https://www.wthompsonlaw.com/the-key-to-advance-directives-is-having-crucial-conversations/) explaining the importance of having crucial conversations in advance directives. The lawyer mentions that it is always hard to plan for the future, especially planning for one’s death. There is a lot of medical technology these days that can help people have the best quality of life.

According to the Houston estate planning lawyer, “The fear of being kept alive indefinitely by artificial means led many to create legal documents known as advance directives. An advance directive expresses our wishes about the kind of medical treatment we would prefer. It is called “advance,” meaning ahead of time; and “directive,” meaning our directions for whether we want medical providers to keep us alive at all costs, or whether we would prefer to pass naturally when life becomes no longer meaningful.”

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The lawyer explains that it is very important to create a legal document that can help communicate a person’s wishes. It is also important for a person to establish a close relationship with one or two people who can become agents or proxies. These people can be appointed by patients to step in when they can no longer make health-care decisions for themselves.

Attorney Whitney L. Thompson adds that one concern related to creating advance directives is that they may not work as well as they could. It is also unrealistic to micro-manage healthcare in advance. There are also many other variables that depend on the particular situation. Treating a complicated illness can be difficult.

“Change is constant and humans are adaptable. It is one thing to imagine when in good health, that life would not be worth living if, say, one became permanently bedridden. But when the patient is actually in that situation, new meaning in life could emerge. Choices made years in the past might look a lot different in the moment of truth,” says the estate planning lawyer.

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled probate attorney when dealing with matters involving the probate process. Having an experienced estate attorney may be able to help an individual understand their rights and help them prepare for the future of their loved ones.

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