Get Pixabiz Launches Cheap Website Builder Service

September 13, 2022 at 16:00

Darwen, England -

Get Pixabiz, a digital marketing agency serving the UK, is happy to announce the launch of their affordable website building service, which allows clients to have a fully functional and attractive website within just seven days at the price of £99. It is important to note that the said price will only be available during the launch period. And while Get Pixabiz will be offering their services for small business websites throughout the UK, they are currently focusing on northwest UK that includes Lancashire & Yorkshire towns and cities such as: Manchester, Bolton, Preston, Blackburn, Burnley, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, amongst other surrounding towns & cities.

With the launch of their built-for-you website service, they are currently offering the Pixabiz Lifetime Package with a sign-up fee of 99 pounds sterling and no monthly fees. This lifetime package offers a completely functional but attractive professional multi-page website. It is a website completely done for the client and assures the client to have no complicated technology and no ongoing website hosting charges to deal with. The features of this lifetime package include: web hosting & SSL; fast loading pages; regular backups; first class security; built on a WordPress CRM; an easy to use editor, all customised to the client’s branding; the sites are responsive to all devices; include premium plugins; and all deliverd within the target 7-day turnaround. They also offer 12 months custom domain transfer; third party integrations; SEO integration; and social promotion.

Website Packages

They offer various kinds of websites, including home business websites. They are focusing on various kinds of businesses, including retailers, home or online sellers, sellers from a high street shop, and people usually selling through Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Pixabiz is committed to solving various issues small business owners often encounter when they try to get a website built for them. These include: wasted time, hidden fees, weeks of effort, DIY confusion, risks, high setup costs, terrible customer service, and a site builder suddenly giving up. And they can build various kinds of websites, depending on the needs of the client, such as: 5-page brochure websites, e-commerce sites, lead generation sites, appointment booking site, and websites for SEO purposes.

Ismail Ougradar from Get Pixabiz says, “I've been building websites for a long time and have found that it is much easier to build a website today than it was 10 years ago. I can put a site together in hours as opposed to weeks when I first started... If it takes me hours to put a site together then there is no need to charge small business owners £1000+ for this. I'm not comfortable overcharging and hence I decided to create a community of websites where small business owners can obtain a website with all the features they need at a fraction of the cost that website designers' charge. Pixabiz website owners also gain a massive advantage by being part of a community of websites from the outset in business. Their website becomes part of the community with higher Google & search engine ranking from day one.”

Get Pixabiz is a digital marketing agency with more than 17 years of experience in providing digital marketing, SEO and digital media services in the UK. They are focused on providing small businesses with all the tools and features that can help get their business online and thrive. They can help with promoting the client’s brand, products and services by providing access to the most efficient and most in demand software all in just one place at very low prices. Their services allow clients to get online fast, promote their products and services, scale up their business, and make use of business automation tools. They Pixabiz service is ideal for small businesses, home-based sellers, and tradespeople.

Those who are looking for help in getting an effective small business website can visit the Get Pixabiz website, call them on the phone, or contact them through email.


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